Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Snow Creature

These are the taglines for the movie "Snow Creature":

  • Half man! Half monster!

  • Himalayan Monster captured 20,000 Feet above the Earth!

  • Brought back alive ... only to escape and leave a trail of death and destruction in the frightened city

  • 10,000 times stranger than the wildest fiction!

  • And this is the Snow Creatures himself as he appeared in the film. Although it is unconfirmed, Lock Martin, one of the tallest actors ever, is said to have played Yeti.

    A particularly scathing review has this to say about the film:

    "[Yeti] breaks out and goes on one of the most slack-assed monster rampages of the 1950’s. How slack-assed, you ask? So slack-assed that just about all we ever get to see it do is lurch slowly into and out of the shadows— by means of the exact same five seconds of footage run both forward and backward, at that! Eventually, Parrish [the hero] figures out that the creature is using the storm drains (where it’s nice and cool, even in July) to get around the city, and he accompanies a detachment of police under Detective Lieutenant Dunbar (William Phipps, from Cat-Women of the Moon and Invaders from Mars) into the subterranean labyrinth to capture and, if necessary, kill the Yeti... Beyond the singularly tacky monster suit (it’s nothing but a bunch of cheap furs sewn haphazardly together), the excessive reliance on voice-over to propel the story, and a cast that deservedly spent most of its respective careers playing characters with names like “Farmer,” “Policeman,” and “Japanese Ambassador,” The Snow Creature suffers from the deadliest of all shortcomings. It’s boring."

    "Slack-assed." Ouch.