Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Not Yeti Friday - Vanara

Vanara shaman

Vanara are a race you can play in D&D's Oriental Adventures.

But that's not where they originate from. They're brave, inquisitive ape-like humanoids in the Hindu mythological epic Ramayana.

A general among the Vanara is good ol' Hanuman, one of the most famous white-furred monkeys of legend.

One could argue that Hanuman and Yeti are basically meeting the same need in our collective unconscious.

Give us our white-furred monkeys: Any way. Any how.

Menard Yeti

Yeti-original painting by Rebecca Menard

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Roger Yeti

I like your yeti, they are adorable and scary too. I drew a yeti on a t-shirt a few days ago, you can see in my shop: Yeti

Kler Roger

Thanks, Kler!

Snow Ballistic Yeti

Snowball-throwing Yeti from the iTunes game Snow Ballistic:


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"We need a Yeti"

The Washington Capitals is a hockey team. Its mascot is an eagle.

At a game last December, a gentleman spectator did the honorable thing. He showed his support for the team by wearing the uniform of one of its star players.

And he also wore... well, the Washington Post has the scoop:

Plus, there was this one guy who dressed like this.

"I'm a Yeti," he explained. "It's 80 degrees, and there's no snow. It's hockey, we need snow. We need a Yeti."
Yeti=Snow=Good Hockey

Ortuno Yeti

I WUV YOU magnet, YETI series
by Sandra Ortuno

Monday, June 20, 2011

cinten Yeti

Yeti by cinten

Biggest Yeti Event of the Year!

Looks like a select few of all those pictures submitted for the Pictoplasma Missing Link project were put on display at this year's annual festival, which is now well over. Doesn't look like they were published in any other form.

Above is an opener video for the festival, which features Ablobinable Disguises!

A character art & design festival whose theme this year was depictions of yeti? Yeah, that gets this blog's vote for Biggest Event of the Year.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Not Yeti Friday - Girallon

In fantasy role-playing worlds (à la D&D), the Girallons are savage, white-furred magical cousins of the gorilla. According to its wikipedia entry: "They cannot speak, being animals."

What's that?

Oh... Yeah...

They have four arms.

No big deal.

Light Yeti

New Yeti City, a drawing in anticipation of the SCBWI 2011 NY conference by Kelly Light

Further evidence that people immediately associate yeti with enduring very cold environments.

Also, new recurring trend I've noticed: people want to ride yetis. See new label for examples.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

J. Mascis Yeti

Reader Sharon Hill writes: "Check out the album cover for "Several Shades of Why" by J. Mascis. I love those two and the turtle(?)."

Awesome find, Sharon!

El Pequeño Abominable Hombre de las Nieves

On the popular, long-running Spanish-language television show Sábado Gigante, there is a recurring segment with a diminutive yeti character reacting to singing contestants with dirty dancing.

His name is El Pequeño Abominable Hombre de las Nieves.

At 3:30, see him in action:

Here is the actor under the mask:


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Katerberg Yeti

Marionette by Mike Katerberg

Mason Yeti

The Yeti Speaks T-shirt by Damien Mason

Note to self: Add the "colors blue, white and black" to the "Everything Yeti Has Ever Said" page.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The best coffee shop in Draper, Utah?

Check out this new coffee shop. Its called "Dancing Yeti Coffee Company"

Thanks for the scoop, Keslie!

The Yeti with Betty

Well, I'll be.

Sometimes you find the yeti showing up in unexpected places. As you know, dear reader, I have scoured the Internet for every scrap of yeti related content. How could I have possibly missed this?

From Wikipedia entry:
The Yeti with Betty was a comic strip in the UK comic The Beano, first appearing in issue 2633, dated 2 January 1993, and drawn throughout by Robert Nixon.

Sick of the cold weather and lack of company, a talking yeti flees the Himalaya by grabbing onto the wheel of a passing aeroplane, landing in the white cliffs of Dover. While there, he meets a young girl called Betty, who befriends the yeti and adopts it as her pet. The subsequent strips followed the adventures of the yeti as he tried to adjust to city life.
This is interesting to me because, as you can see from my time-line, yeti popularity was at an all-time low in the 1990's. But apparently, some British kids were having fun with him.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Not Yeti Crab Friday - Conga Players


An animated kids cartoon on PBS called Wild Kratts has an episode called "Seasquatch" and features a yeti crab!

The Kratt brothers' sub loses power while they are exploring the strange landscape of the ocean depths and they are trapped on the ocean floor of the deep sea. Aviva must figure out how to harness the energy from the deep sea’s hydrothermal vents in order to save the brothers and return them to the surface. The Wild Kratts team learns all about the amazing process of chemosynthesis and how deep sea creatures transform toxic chemicals into energy. With a little help from the Yeti crab Martin and Chris are able to capture the this energy and use it to restart the amphi-sub and return to the surface.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nature's Little Weirdo

For her 3D class, Becky Hopkins had a project where she had to make a toy, game, or invention. She chose to make a line of stuffed animals called "Nature's Little Weirdos".

One of the animals she chose was the yeti crab!

Nicely done!