Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cyborg 4 (Yeti Arcade: Hunt the Yeti)

Although there are lots of regular yetis to hunt in Hunt the Yeti (2015), the main boss is the Cyber-Yeti:

Pixel art by Bruno de Chazelles

Cyborg 3 (Yeti Arcade: Fright Fight)

Fright Fight (2014) features a lot of Halloween monsters fighting, and a cyborg yeti named Hugo.

Santa's a bit late on this one, but he did finally deliver.  In 2012, I wished for more yetis in fighting games (#11 on my Wish List).

Friday, June 26, 2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Yeti in Minions

For April Fools Day in 2011, I made up fake yeti movies, and one of them was a spin-off to Despicable Me to be released in the summer that featured Yetis as the new super-villains in place of Gru.

And Lo! For it has come to pass!

The spinoff to Despicable Me releasing this summer will indeed have Yetis...

Minions (coming 7/10/15 in US) has a sequence with the Minions being minions to a tribe of Yetis in Antarctica. Things don't go well and they're forced to leave their abominable masters.

Here's hoping they make toys of these yetis. Santa, you listening?

Yeti Loves Pipes, Apparently








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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

West Yeti

Mike West

Yeti Arcade: Westbound

Westbound (2013):

Wish List Alert!  I wished for Wild West yetis in 2013!  (Thanks, Santa!)

Monday, June 22, 2015

As it is my birthday today...

...You get lots and lots of yetis with birds on their heads, apparently.

Ohhhh Yeeeah... It's that kind of a magical day.



Dan May

"Then one day... THUNK! Something landed on his head. It was a bird." - from Yeti and the Bird picture book


Cindy Yap
Matt Mittelstadt
 Mochiwo... previously blogged about

Dan Marceau

Liz Cormack

Diana Sudyka

Sudyka sold the above print to benefit Nepal earthquake relief - wish I'd grabbed one when it was available. The birds are Hoopoes, native to Nepal. Note: On a previous birthday, I blogged another of Sudyka's bird-on-head yeti - and it's a personal, all-time favorite yeti.

(Two Birds on the Head)

RIP Terry Pratchett

Mancini Yeti

"Looking for Clues" by Hanna Mancini
Saw this image and thought:

"If ever I had a 'personal statement' in pictorial form, this would probably be it."