Friday, January 30, 2015

Not Yeti Friday - Shaggy Man

Shaggy Man! ...DC supervillain... Where have you been all my life?! 

I swear, it's as if you just sort of appeared out of nowhere. I've never heard of you.

Yet you've been around all along... 1966. Fighting the Justice League/Super Friends.

I don't entirely understand your origin, Shaggy Man.

A scientist invented a synthetic human tissue ostensibly for organ transplants but decided to test it out by splicing it with DNA of different animals.  He accidentally made you and you went on a mindless rampage. Your salamander DNA means a mass separated from you just regenerates into another you.  And you can grow real big. So you're very hard to kill.

My main question is, what's with all the hair?

Pity the Shaggy Man.

in-the-dreamtime Yeti


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Animatronic Yetis

You can see these Animatronic Yetis in action.

Eng Yeti

Erin Eng

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Diaz Yeti

Cesar Diaz' "Traveling Yeti" custom figure: nice job!


3D Sculpt
Resin Cast


Miniboone Yeti

A music video of the song "Brand New Thing" by the band Miniboone featured this disguise:

Here's a video that shows how they made the disguise"

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

[Destination: Peru] Backus Ice Beer Ad

This just in: A new commercial in Peru for Backus Ice depicts a Yeti discovering the beverage buried in ice. Upon imbibing, he is transported to a human dance party, where he participates in various enjoyable activities.  Upon realizing it was merely a vision brought on by the magic alcohol, the Yeti packs up his possessions and moves from the Himalayas to Peru, where presumably the enjoyable activities can be engaged in more frequently.

All to the sound of Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby".

Note: Backus is the largest brewery in Peru.

Yeti Arcade: Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI (2002) has yztargs.

Friday, January 23, 2015

[Snowlem Week] Not Yeti Friday - Ice Hulk & Ice Thing

[Snowlem Week] Vs. Superman

In the comic issue "DC Universe Holiday Special '09", a snow golem fights Supes.

And it was a great day.

[Snowlem Week] Vs. Richie Rich

In the comic Richie Rich Millions # #58 (December 1972) in a story called "The Abominable Snow Plan", a mail-ordered, remote-controlled snowlem is made to wreak havoc.