Friday, September 30, 2011

Not Yeti Friday - Loveandasandwich's Ice Cream Scoops

To end the week celebrating Yeti's Love of Frozen Treats, I thought it festive to make this week's Not Yeti Friday showcase ice cream scoops that sort of look yeti-ish... And who is the undisputed master of the ice cream scoops that sort of look yeti-ish?


Amen. And I hope you enjoyed this week's nostalgic look at what you were eating during the summer. Ah, those summertime frozen treats. Too bad we can't EVER EAT THEM EVER ANY OTHER TIME. NEVER.

It's indisputable FACT






Thursday, September 29, 2011

Balbiino Yeti

The same company in Estonia has a number of ice cream treats with a yeti mascot.

That yeti sellin' frozen treats like a pro.

All hail Estonia! Way to sell them frozen treats.

No. Joke.






Monday, September 26, 2011

Jatsiabi Yeti

Guess what this week is.


(Wouldn't that be more appropriate for the Summer, which just ended?
Shush now.)

Let's start things off with this WOWOWOW moment.

Check it out: In Estonia, a yeti... YES, a YETI, drives a truck and sells you ice cream.

Somebody give Estonia a medal. A medal of VICTORY. I'll have more about this later in the week.

He likes it

What is yeti doing in the picture?

Oh yeah... eating a frozen treat.






Friday, September 23, 2011

Not Yeti Friday - Night Devouring Day

Today is the first day of fall. Good Bye, Summer.

In honor of the summer season being eaten up by the fall, today's Not Yeti Friday will focus on a similar SWALLOWING:

First, there was this original threadless t-shirt design entitled "As Day Is Swallowed Up By Night" by David Creighton-Pester:

And then Melissa Cody made it into a cake:

The Night is like a Giant Cyclops Yeti.

So poetic.

And yes, the Fall is a Giant Cyclops Yeti, too. We are all Giant Cyclops Yeti. I'm just feeling magnanimous like that.

This Yeti Eating Something is a nice segue way for what I have planned for ALL OF NEXT WEEK. Stay tuned...

And it is clever foreshadowing of even the week after... Stay further tuned....

Ninjas & Yetis

The truth is, most of the time, ninjas and yetis live in harmony with each other and assorted anthropomorphic objects.

Felt keychains by Patty Reed

And sometimes they are one and the same!!!

Ninja Yeti plush by Loveandasandwich

But other times they fight.

Movie: Strike of the Jaguma (1961)

And um... sometimes the ninjas win (shh!):

Fröst Ninja! is this month's Ninja of the Month. Shawnimals has this to say:
"And what's that on his head? Um... we think it's... uh, probably just... well, never mind."
And just in case you forgot: February 2010's ninja was YETI!

Thanks for the scoop, Valanga!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

BONUS: Yeti wants you... stop chewing your current gum and begin chewing new gum or he will punch you in the gut very hard so that you will spit out the current gum!!!!

There's a new gum commercial that features skateboarding superstar Shaun White and a yeti. The slogan is: "Spit it out. Or Yeti will find you."

Popmag reviews an article from the NY Times which discusses the above commercial. Popmag disagrees with NY Times' quoting of the responsible ad agency's assertion that the main reason they think the commercial will work is that "poking fun at marketers appeals to younger consumers".

Is it the making fun of marketers that appeals? Or just the simple fact that it has a yeti?

That'll do the trick, I think.

Oh! Also! Coincidentally, this isn't the first time, yeti and Shaun White have crossed paths.

If you pre-ordered a game called Shaun White Skateboarding at a particular game store, a code was provided for you to receive the Yeti as a playable character:

Leanio Yeti

Abominable Snowman - Finger puppet Greeting card by Dan Leanio

Nikolai Valuev vs. Yeti

National Post graphic by Andrew Barr

This is in regard to this real-life story.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Regular Show Yeti

Somehow I missed this... and no one told me. Do I run a yeti blog or not? I mean, this is just shameful. I apologize, dear readers.

So, there is a current cartoon series on Cartoon Network called "Regular Show" that features a yeti character named Skips.

Skips is voiced by Mark Hamill (!!!) (Luke Skywalker and voice of the Joker!)

A snip of the description from the Wikipedia page:
[Skips is a] yeti who is apparently far older than he seems. Granted the power of immortality, he is destined to perform a ceremonial dance every year on his birthday. He works out frequently, and as indicated by his name, he "skips" when he moves.
Want to know more than you ever wanted to know about Skips? CLICK UPON THESE SPECIFIC UNDERLINED WORDS.