Friday, May 27, 2011

Not Yeti Friday - Ovion

When I was a kid, I went over to this other kid's house in my neighborhood to play. I coveted this one action figure of his that I'd never seen before. I bought it from him for a quarter. To this day, it is the greatest thing I have ever bought for 0.25 dollars.


I had the figure for about a week. Then it mysteriously vanished without a trace. As I grew up, I kept expecting it to turn up at some point in my house. Behind some books in a cupboard. Wedged under a couch cushion. But it never did.

I missed it.

Later, when the Internet came around, I realized I could track down what this figure looked like and find out where it came from. ...Who were you?

It seemed pretty obvious to me that it was meant to be Tars Tarkas, warrior leader of the Tharks in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom series.

How many four-armed, green insectoid aliens are there?

Some other artistic representations of Tars:


But try as I might, I could not find the specific action figure anywhere. Then I went to library school.

Years of advanced training in informational retrieval have provided me the skills to find anything.

I was able to determine that the figure actually comes from a single episode (the pilot in fact) of the original 1970s Battlestar Galactica. It is an Ovion. Here's what they look like in the show:

Oh Ovion!

Carter Yeti

Yeti 4 (Hibernation) print by Graham Carter

I previously blogged about Carter's yeti back in 2007. He's an old school yeti-lovin' artist. Legit.

Thanks, Graham!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yeti Agent

Miniature of a Yeti Agent

He's the "latest operative for the Agency, a world-wide intelligence outfit that utilizes superhumans for the most dangerous missions."

Arnold Yeti

yeti help by Vanessa Arnold.

The Yeti makes semi-regular appearances on her drawing blog.

Thanks, Vanessa!

Monday, May 23, 2011

D&D Yeti

Here he is back in the early days.


And here he is now.


I think he ripped off the ends of spears and stuck 'em on his head.

Caption for the first image: I want horns, damn you!

Chou Yeti

This image was the headliner for Joey Chou's show, Expeditions of the Mysterious.

You can view more from the series.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Not Yeti Friday - Cryonax

Cryonax is from Dungeons & Dragons.

As "Prince of Evil Ice Creatures", he is the most powerful creature of ice you can get. He is practically unrivaled in this department. He positively rules ice. And cold. But he's evil.

Any time you want a "cold one", you better thank Cryonax!!

If you say "she's as cold as ice" or "that was cooooold!", you better believe Cryonax is somewhere out there going like "Grrrr."

Cryonax has the body of a yeti. And tentacles for arms.

According to one source, he seeks to make ice the basic building block of reality.

Good luck with that, Cryonax.

So here's how he originally looked back in 1979:

From Fiend Folio

Here he is rolling with one of his buddies, another Elemental Prince of Evil:

Later depictions paint in him in a more favorable light:

By Michael LoPresti

By fafnir300

Cryonax, you are one nasty piece of work.

And that's a compliment!

Mysterious Yeti of Unknown Origin

Anybody know where this yeti comes from?

Post it in the comments!!

Mystery solved!

A special thanks to Anonymous who posted answer in the comments!
It is the Abominable Snow Yiti from the MMORPG Dofus, and it shows up in the Kwismas Cavern level. You can see footage of it in action here.

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