Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Freddy Mushyeti

Don Clark created Freddy Mushyeti to swap a yeti with Nate Wragg.

According to the artist:

"He may look a bit menacing, but I guarantee he’s harmless. As for the rest of the ‘Mushyeti’s’ crew, I can’t exactly say the same."

Walkden Yeti

The Ways It Could End - 2 by ~matt-walkden on deviantART

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hansen Yeti

This just in!

I have posted in your blog on the post about my "Abominable" sculpt for Ryan Schifrin's movie "Abominable". Well, I have a OOAK Albino "Ultra Violence" version that has been included in Freeman's Pop Culture auction 09/03/10 and thought you might like the images and info for your blog. Here is a link to the post on my blog and links in this post to Freeman's auction, my site (w/ several other versions of Abominable I have produced), as well as links to the Official movie site (which btw, Abominable II is in the works).

Best Regards,
Marty Hansen aka "THEGODBEAST"

Millarel Yeti

Mentor Turnaround by ~Lachyen Millarel on deviantART


The artist was given an assignment at illustration school to draw a "mentor" type character.

I love that he was like, "Mentor, eh? Hmm... I know.. yeti!"

More poses here.

Plush You is Back

Last Thursday was the opening of the Plush You L.A. show at Munky King toys in Hollywood.

Noël ILL's Herbert Sherbert (previously blogged about here) was THERE.

And like Fully Articulated as a Three Dimensional Being!

Here's the video found here:


Like a previous Plush You, there's a mystery yeti plush on the gallery wall:

Cropped from a pic on Vinyl Pulse

Look at this blue-faced guy. And is that a Bigfoot version above him?

WHO MADE IT? Can anyone check it out and report back?


Friday, August 27, 2010

Not Yeti Friday - Hothawa

Hey look at that yeti!! (??)
I see it holding a stave.

You are mistaken, sir.

Yes, it is holding a stave, but it is Not Yeti. 'Tis instead a custom action figural imagining of a Jawa that resides on the ice planet Hoth. It has been provided the whimsical name of Hothawa and was conceived and fabricated (presumably) by a Mr. tonystark.
"The jawas or Hothawas of the planet Hoth are a more robust breed that [sic] the standard jawa, these little creatures have adapted to the bitter cold by hunting Wampa for fur and meat."

Not Yeti Friday - Pettapiece's Djinn

Is that a yeti? Nope, a djinn.

According to its creator Lauren Pettapiece, it started out as a yeti though.

I have to admit, I prefer my djinn to be yeti-ish.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Only One Will Be Crowned

I have no idea who the artist is behind this sweatshirt design. The shopping site doesn't say.

Digital enhancement by a certain renowned cyber-sleuth (me) yielded precious few clues.

If you know who should get the credit, let me know in the comments.

And if you know who should get the crown of the King of the Wilderness, let me know that as well.

(I am very biased and cannot give an objective prediction of the bout's outcome.)


Mary of ArtTales (etsy|blog|deviantart) makes LEFTZ One-Eyed Creations like this guy. Here's the blurb 'bout it:
This Plush Yeti is made from upcycled fleece blankets and jackets. His good eye is created with a vintage buttons and he is stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags.

Kandefer Yeti

Via OMG Posters:

Family Tree Design made a Monster Friends Poster Series. Different artists created a poster each highlighting the Kraken, Nessie, Sasquatch, and Yeti:

Jeff Kandefer made the yeti:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meowypants Yeti Crab

Meowypants made a Yeti Crab plush. Not sure if she finished, but still: 7 points for Excellence in the Face of Great Hard-ship & Clamour, &c.

Welcome, first-time visitors! If you want to see more stuff on this blog about the Yeti Crab, click here!

Bartlett Yetis Forever

Scott Bartlett, aka cronobreaker, is forever. As are his many yeti (1|2|3|4). Here are some new ones. A couple of them are even animated. See links below to the strutting one and the one sitting on the scooter. They mooooove.

Yeti Art by ~cronobreaker on deviantART

Yeti Strut (animated) by ~cronobreaker on deviantART

Scooty Scoot (animated) by ~cronobreaker on deviantART

Yes. Another Yeti on a scooter by ~cronobreaker on deviantART

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Noynay Yeti

Yeti Attack by ~cova on deviantART

AKA Simon Noynay (portfolio|blog|flickr)

Greenback Ninja! Yeti

Randy Greenback made this painting and posted it to twitter.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Typophiles love the Yeti

Lauren with the scoop:

!! Number 64 of 250 Beautiful Typography T-shirts

(found via Monday Quick Links | design work life)

64. “Helyetica” $24.99 by Meme Engine


Thanks, Lauren!

Yeti on Cake Mountain

A reader writes:


we just made a matterhorn cake with little yetis on it!

my friends and i got a macula drawing of some yetis from your site, printed them out and stuck them on the cake.. voila!

here is a link to a video of the cake being made and of the yetis;

thanks for the yetis!


Thanks, Joshua!

Ford Yetis

Andrew Ford paints custom nesting dolls.

He made some yetis!

I really like his description:
Perhaps only a double-rainbow can match the sheer beauty of seeing a herd of wild yetis grazing in an Alpine meadow. A little known fact about yetis is that they are surprisingly good at fishing. This should be taken with a grain of salt, however, for they are also good at lying.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Not Yeti Friday - Large Arctic Monstroctopus

Large Arctic Monstroctopus by =loveandasandwich on deviantART

As I've said before, loveandasandwich (blog|shop) is a superstar. Even her Not Yetis are worthy of Note.

Be sure to also check out her Monster Ice Cream DoubleScoop plush.

Not Yeti Friday - TMNT Movie Big Foot

From here.

There is a Big Foot in the 2007 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CGI movie. The above his his action figure. But if you want to see how he actually looked in the movie, your eyes will melt.

In the film, Big Foot is one of the Thirteen Monsters summoned by the immortal bad guy so that he can finally die.

The turtles did go up against Bigfoot before, in the comic books:

From here.

But this is clearly a different Bigfoot. He has no spikes. You gotta have the spikes.

The only reason I am talking about him at all is because he has crazy spikes.

Seifert Yeti

Yeti numba 2 by ~blackehawke on deviantART

Todd Seifert made this yeti for an electronic game. Fat or skinny? Either way, I really kind of like his profile - the way his head comes out of his shoulders.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Espinosa Yeti

the not so abominable snowman by ~karo-design on deviantART

This fellow by Carolina Espinosa (blog|flickr) is a total Walrus-Man in my book.

You can see her whole progress leading up to the final design. Interestingly enough, part of the image is a kind of collage using print-outs of old engravings, and the rest is drawn in by the artist.

Wheeler (Zombie!) Yeti

Zombie Snow Yeti by ~dingogirl66 on deviantART

Jolene Wheeler aka dingogirl66 also has an etsy shop where she sells a lot of yeti-ish creatures.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

How a Yeti Sculpture Was Made

When your beloved stadium is being demolished, what do you do with the 257 tons of fiberglass that make up the roof?

You make a yeti!

And other things too... a non-profit group People for Urban Progress Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) collected up the fiberglass and had artists recycle it into all kinds of cool stuff.

Watch how the yeti sculpture was made:

heyfudge Yeti

Yeti by ~heyfudge (R Daitan) on deviantART

Friday, August 13, 2010

Not Yeti Friday - Scapegoats

When I first saw this clay sculpt on Vinyl Pulse, I thought: "A yeti vinyl figure I don't know about?!"

It even has a sort-of Tibetan hat. And the horns, well... plenty o' yeti got horns.

But no, it's actually a goat man. A Scapegoat. More specifically, Billy Scapegoat by Jure Gavran.

When he was finally released, fully painted, he was chocolate brown and not very yeti-like. Someone should make a white version and then I could pretend he's a yeti?

But he has hooves. No escaping that. Note to self: Yeti don't have hooves. Can you imagine?

Yeti ain't no ruminant!

DeBruler Yeti

Skateboard and Snowboard by ~AiurSurvivor (Josh DeBruler) on deviantART

Poketo Yeti

Crop of a twitpic by rhymeswithfun, who spotted and liked this yeti guy at Target.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yeti Eating the Moon

Midnite Snack by ~Lachyen on deviantART

He'll eat just about anything and anyone, you know.

He'll eat just about anything and anyone you know.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

On youtube, one can watch a preview video of an episode of the tv show "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" entitled "The Abominable Snowman," which aired in 1968. Embedding's been disabled, but here are a couple of stills:

The plot centers around a yeti rampaging throughout the submersible vessel. There is a lot of running around and people chasing it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One can infer bloodpainting

Yeti by ~Fantasy-Jack on deviantART

AT&T Yeti

There's a new commercial from AT&T that features a yeti at the foot of a child's bed.

Well, it's probably just meant to be a generic bedroom monster, but people are calling it a yeti, including Raven of Spookyville USA.

A big thank you to Robert, a loyal fan of the Yeti, for sending me the video!

I spent about 20 minutes yesterday trying to find it, with no luck. And I call myself a cyber-sleuth of some preternatural ability!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Yeti Crab deserves a week of television

In addition to sharks, which of the following animals should have a week of television dedicated to them?

Please vote for the yeti crab in this poll.

It's losing!!!


Painting by April Fry

Atkin Yeti

Yeti Outfit by Ross Atkin


yeti by ~spiffMC on deviantART

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not Yeti Friday - Chanel Fall 2010 Collection

Look at all the yeti I have for you today:

Oh wait. Nevermind. That's just the Chanel Fall 2010 Collection.

Thanks for the scoop, Noël!

Eynon Yeti

Yeti in Socks by Samantha Eynon

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Neil Yeti

At Pioneer Auto Sales in Leicester Vermont, you will find this giant sculpture:

I know of it thanks to Ms. Bosic, who snapped some photos to share.

According to my amazing cybersleuthing, it is considered a gorilla named "Queen Connie" and was built by artist T.J. Neil in 1987.

Hogwash, says I. And so says Ms. Bosic.

She calls it a "sweet" yeti... and she wants us to realize that it is not a gorilla, okay?


She also writes: "Seriously ... YETI HOLDING A VW IN THE SKY. People. Come the {[@#$%] on."

A photo was snapped of her reclining in its arms. "I think I reached the pinnacle of my life's joy in this moment. Thank god we had a camera."

Ms. Bosic, I echo your sentiments exactly.

Is A Yeti.