Friday, January 30, 2009

Not Yeti Friday - Mysterious Creepy Veiny Figure

runnerkara on flickr titled her photo "Abominable Snowman", but I don't think it is.

I mean, yetis don't usually have shoulders that go up to the tops of their heads. Or veins.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Noynay Suckerpunch Yeti

Suckerpunch Yeti t-shirt design by Simon Noynay.

First yeti I've seen with antlers.

Is he speaking pictographically? Is that a band-aid?

I like that he is in the clouds and apparently making it rain.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bliznak Yeti

See here for "Yeti Hug" by Ivan Bliznak.

Note how very yeti it is, and yet... it's really just a yellow blob with arms and legs.

I really think there is a new form of yeti in the popular culture: the highly abstract, abloblinable snowman. You know what this means?... New label!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Not Yeti Friday - Quaggoths!

Quaggoths are a race of monsters in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Quaggoths are naked, bestial humanoids with white, shaggy fur all over their bodies. Sound familiar? The only difference between a Quaggoth and a yeti is they live underground and are sometimes slaves to dark elves. As far as I know, no yeti has ever been a slave to a dark elf. Thank you very much!

Yes, I really like to say the word "Quaggoth"... Quaggoth!

Here is the entry for Quaggoth from the D&D monstrous manual and here is another one so you can learn all about their "stats".

You just know they have excellent "infra-vision".

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yeti vs. Unicorn

Here's a t-shirt design depicting a mighty age-old quarrel. Yikes, unicorn is not going to win this one, is he? Is this how the yeti gets his horn(s)?

For a very different take, I direct your attention here and also to here.

Note the far less antagonistic (in fact, quite the reverse) relationship the yeti has to its mythic cousin the unicorn.

I ask you, can't we all just get along?

Monsters Party Yeti

Monsters Party was an illustration contest put on by Thai design studio Studioaiko where artists submitted a winter-themed monster up for vote.

There were, unsurprisingly, several yeti entries:

Artists in order from top to bottom: Zoé Byland, Rick Lucey, Marco Villar, Christopher Bonnette (previously blogged about here), Chris Leavens, and Marcos Zerene. See all the entries and more about the artists here.

That last one by illustrator Marcos Zerene aka formatbrain was the big winner!

Click here to see his entry in its greater glory!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Disney Vinylmation Yeti Mouse

The dynamic & powerful Spencer M. also has this to share with his fellow readers:

The Disney Vinylmation line includes a Yeti Mouse. These figures are currently available at various Disney Theme Park Merchandise shops. The figures come in 3" and 9" tall lines.

Go, Spencer!

Tougui Yeti

Super-reader Spencer M. is on the scene with this scoop!

Now you can download for yourself, a spiffy papercraft Yeti named Barry. Spencer found out about it from

See what Barry looks like constructed here.

My own investigations revealed this is the work of French artist Tougui. When you visit his blog, you will see a lot of yeti love. He has another (friendlier) papercraft yeti, more illustrations, some deck designs, and even a yeti crab(?).

But his claim to fame is probably the papercraft. If you like this interactive artform, here are two other yeti-lovin' papercrafters that I've blogged about before:

A. Christopher Bonnette
B.Zara Gonzalez

Thanks, Spencer!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Carling Yeti

Jon Carling made this drawing and it's for sale as a poster on his etsy page.

I am intrigued by the strange key-hole background motif.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winner of the Pathetic Award

Well, there's good figures (see last post) and there's pathetic ones...

The above is the South American knock-off of a Columbian knock-off of the Super Powers Collection of DC Comics' superhero action figures from the 1980's. The series' main star is El Capitan Ray, a cheap knock-off of Superman.

And what you are seeing here is an original creation of the knock-offers, not intended to imitate any specific DC superhero. It is Hombre de las Nieves, literally "The Man of the Snows" aka the Abominable Snowman, aka yeti!

It is actually just a recast Incredible Hulk figure painted white and gray.

And oddly enough, Hombre Increible is part of the same series. So maybe they are twins?

This is odd that they'd be part of the same super-team. Hulk and Yeti have a history of battling each other (see also here), and one time Hulk even disguised himself to look like the yeti in order to scare people. Frankly, I don't know which one is more pathetic, this action figure knock-off, or Mr. HULK bulk.

Get a job, Hulk! And quit with the smashing.

Source: Super Powers Archive

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lanham Yeti preview

I'll tell you where there's a lot of yeti love: the designer toy community. Among the artists who produce these pop surrealist vinyl sculptures, the Abominable One is still a popular subject.

Every day, so you don't have to, I troll the designer toy blogs looking for the next yeti thing. The yeti is elusive, as I'm sure you know, but I've learned from experience that The Himalayan Man-Ape will eventually make an appearance.

Today I was rewarded with a sighting. The great Plastic and Plush blog revealed what the Strangekiss company is planning for their upcoming projects. And one of their figures will be a yeti!

His name is "Bill the Yeti", and here are the schematics (click to view bigger):

The talented David Lanham (whose Zog figure I previously blogged about) is the primary one responsible for Bill. All signs point to this figure being in possession of removable outfits. And check out the undies! (I'm telling you, this is the start of a fad.) Rumor also has it that other guest artists will get to modify Bill to their liking, further exploring their yeti love in the third dimension like it's never been done before!

And we may be seeing Bill the Yeti as a full-fledged figure on the shelves of people with expendable incomes as early as San Diego Comic Con (which is usually late July) - not too far from now.

This could be the BEST YETI FIGURE of 2009! So look out!

Kristen Yeti

Katy Kristen (homepage / flickr page) made this yeti plush doll.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lissi und der wilde Kaiser

Lissi und der wilde Kaiser was a German computer-animated movie released on October 25, 2007. It is a parody of the 1950's Sissi films about an Austrian princess and is also a clear homage to Shrek.

The principal bad guy of Lissi is a yeti who kidnaps the princess.

And here's a trailer to see the yeti in action. He makes an appearance about 18 seconds in.

There was even a yeti doll made!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Not Yeti Friday - Chotta

Long-time reader Yayo brought the following to my attention:

Unknown in the United States, Francisco Ibáñez' Mortadelo y Filemón is one of the most popular Spanish comics series. It is published all around the world since 1969. In Germany, it is known as "Clever & Smart".

In one issue, the two insane detectives encounter the "Chotta", monstrous feral ape-men that evoke fear and panic. Here is the cover (snagged from here):

Ibáñez named them "Chotta" because it is bit of wordplay: the word "chota" means "crazy" or "lunatic" in Spanish and sounds a bit like "yeti".

Thanks, Yayo!

Snick and Snee

I previously blogged about Mathius's holiday creature sculpture. He also has an excellent T-shirt illustration depicting a subject matter close to all of our hearts: The Great and Terrible Rivalry Between the North American and Himalayan Varieties.

Satisfaction has been demanded! Gentlemen, the weapon is knives.


P.S. If you are wondering what the title of this post means, see here.