Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm leaving for a couple of weeks. Alas: NO POSTS UNTIL JULY 10TH.

I will leave you for now with this image of suspense.

Yeti vs. Alien


Ahhh! Who will win this quarrel?! Get up, Yeti. This space brawl is not over yet. Claw it in the eye!

Angels and Yetis

"Angels and Yetis", by kaigetsudo


This abstracted yeti figure is available for purchase.

It was designed by MAD aka Jeremy Madl, and it is known as "Aidamon".

Franny's Feet

Franny's Feet is a cartoon for PBS Kids targeting 4 to 7 year olds.

In episode 103:

"Franny is transported to the frozen tundra, where she meets two little lost penguins that need help finding their colony. Along the way, they run into Eddy the Yeti. Eddy helps them find the penguin colony – and Franny helps Eddy make new friends."

Note: The yeti is purplish.

Spore Yeti in Action

Last week I blogged about the yeti being made using the Spore Creature Creator.

Here are some videos people have posted of all new yeti creations:

Herman of the Crocodettes

This is Herman of the Crocodettes.

I don't entirely understand what the Crocodettes are, but here is their story. Sentient yellow alligators from Outer Space are involved.

I believe this is live entertainment for children that can be commissioned for parties. I do appreciate their unique back-story! (and their inclusion of a yeti just for the heck of it)

Herman was created by The Costume Studio, who also made this mascot who shows up at ski resorts:

Frye Yeti

Last year, the artist Eliza Frye decided to make a greeting card with the yeti.

You can see the progress of the card as she made it on her blog, but here's the beginning and end.

The Initial Sketch:

The Final Product:

That's a photograph of 3-Dimensional objects, people. She sculpted them. How more rocking can one get?

The Snowman with the Skulls for Buttons puts it over the top.

Balistreri Yeti

The astoundingly talented Ben Balistreri made this yeti for the episode of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" enitled "Mondo Coco" which aired on Cartoon Network. The yeti was shown briefly in a montage of the character Coco's boyfriends.

Click to see the above image bigger and check out all the great poses. This is an excellent design! He was only in a cameo, but this yeti could easily have his own series.

I previously blogged about Balisteri's Frostbite design for "Danny Phantom".

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From Mick

Mick Polaris writes:

I wanted to send you a couple of items you might be interested in, one is a Yeti band flyer..

the other is this bigfoot - yeti bust, pretty awesome...

Thanks, Mick!

Ah, look at all the yeti t-shirts...

A reader named "Alcese alcese" found me these links to t-shirt designs and sent them to me.

Thanks, "Alcese alcese"!




(GHOST YETI) not yeti

Yeti shirt!

Not-Yeti shirt!

Not-Skunk-Ape shirt?!

Spacequatch shirt :D

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Yeti Toy

There really aren't that many new yeti toys made in the world so this is exciting news...

Patch Together is accepting pre-orders for their new Yeti Guy toy due out in August.

It was designed by nevermore, and there will be 3 colors: brown, pink, and white. And the white (or "Abominable edition") will look something like this:

For those that like their yeti brown, Patch Together also sells Yeti Tee in their store.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Not Yeti Friday - Great White Apes of Barsoom

In honor of ice being found on Mars, I bring you the Yeti of Mars!...

In the Barsoom tales by Edgar Rice Burroughs (most famous for penning Tarzan), there is a race of giant white-skinned, four-armed ape-men that live on Mars.

They are practically identical to the yeti in almost every respect (except for the bit about the extra arms).

For the curious, Den Valdron has a thorough discussion and analysis of the origin of the Barsoomian Ape in his article for ERBzine.

Here are some images depicting the Burrough's Great White Ape culled from the Web (mostly from ERBzine):

Neely Yeti

I've been a fan of Brad Neely's since his comic strip (NSFW) appeared in my college newspaper back at the turn of the century. It was the only comic even passably approaching quality at the time, and I just found out recently that Neely wasn't ever a student at my school, so he should never have even been published. I bought all of his collections which he photocopied and stapled together himself and sold at the local record shop.

Years ago I got to see him perform a live soundtrack to the Harry Potter movie. It was an amazing and inspiring experience.

And just last night I went to a local theater to see him show some of his animated shorts, which are available for view on super deluxe (NSFW).

I expect even bigger things from Brad Neely. He is writing a book about the Civil War. And might get his own cartoon series on Adult Swim.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spore Yeti

The highly anticipated and sure-to-be mindblowing videogame "Spore" will be released in September. But in the meantime, the publishers have released a free Spore Creature Creator. It allows you to design a creature to look any way you want it to. On their site at the Sporepedia, you can submit your own creations made with the Creator. The game designers will then take your submissions and use them to populate the actual game.

The Creature Creator has been out for just a few days but already people are creating and submitting yetis! (they're also already making "sporn", but that's for another blog to discuss) And more yeti are being added daily. A sampling of what's been made so far appears below (I've credited the designers in each image's file name). Check out the Sporepedia and browse around to see what else people are concocting. It's great!

This is the closest thing I can think of to the YouTube of yeti. Users can create their own yeti and share them with each other. Once the game comes out, these creations will even walk around a shared universe and interact.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Love and a Sandwich and Yetis

I've blogged about the talented Etsy artist loveandasandwich's work before...

Now she has more yeti related items for sale and/or purchase.

Yeti Pillows...

Two varieties. Available here and here.

Note the many sets of internal mouths. Excellent.

And very exciting...

A Make-Your-Own Baby Yeti Kit:

This is essential owning material for all peoples.

Available here.


Loveandasandwich sent me a link to fellow Etsy artist aquakoala's work. She makes excellent severed yeti heads.

I had previously blogged about her here (at the bottom), but the link wasn't working that day. So I am glad to direct my readers to the rest of her stuff.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yeti Aim Fire! game

"Yeti Aim Fire" is a Flash game. You play a yeti using a giant slingshot to propel humans towards a target on the ice.

Click here to play it.

The graphic elements were created by Shane Smith.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Metin2 Yeti

This is the yeti from the MMORPG Metin 2.

Not only does he have a horn on his head, he has them on his shoulders too.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Not Yeti Friday (next) - Grizzlor


Reader of this blog, Fran├žois, directed my attention to Grizzlor, an enemy of He-man.

Here are some fun facts about Grizzlor:

  • When he was first introduced, Grizzlor was a legendary, elusive hairy wild-man that left footprints behind as clues to his existence. Sound familiar?

  • He was originally defeated after being shown his reflection in a mirror. Yes, his own terrifying visage is his one weakness.

  • Grizzlor may not be evil. Some evidence suggests he is merely stupid and child-like, a cruelly manipulated pawn of Hordak, chief of the Evil Horde.

  • Later in the She-Ra cartoons, he is seen operating a computer console and commanding a series of Destructotanks. Maybe not so stupid as we thought?

  • Grizzlor was supposed to get more of a role in the updated 2002 He-Man cartoon, but the show was suddenly cancelled. He does make a brief, silent cameo, and his updated, "modern-look" action figure was made. Look at all those throwing axes they give him. He has to keep them in a backpack and lug them around. And what is that? A bladed crossbow? I guess in a tight spot he can just stab people with it. Ol' Grizzy has really taken up bloodpainting, apparently.