Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nichols Yeti

Craft artist Kira Nichols loves the yeti in more ways than one:

1) As Movable Papercraft Yeti, which she made into a journal...

2) And as crocheted creature, Yeti Amigurumi...

This scoop courtesy of Alexz- Thanks, Alexz!

Going back to the basics

concept dump 02 by ~thevampiredio on deviantART

It's good to get a yeti with some armor, wielding a stave. Always a classic.

I like that his weapon is a stick with some rocks wedged into it.

Note that this yeti has horns... only he happens to be wearing them!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Figure Skating Yeti

Plush made for the Schmancy Olympic Challenge

Looks like a costume, but it's actually this size. But, as her creator brags, she can stand up on her own, even with the skates on.

Custom plush of Alexz's Yeti

Alexz's Yeti by =loveandasandwich on deviantART

I love this custom plush made by loveandasandwich (previously blogged about here) based on the yeti of Alexz (previously blogged about here).

Alexz is a yeti super-star so expect a lot more about her on this blog in the near future.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Yeti by High On Fire

Beyond the mountains of ice
Exists a creature of frost
His secret lies in the skies
Eternal legend survives

His powers unknown by man
To catch a glimpse if he can
Wandering deep polar caps
Communication with saucer

Abominable nomad
The ancient monks know his clan
The time of yeti will rise
Because his ways have been wise

The yeti's feet take flight, upon the tundran ice
Carries the saucer's key, upon the space bound seed

The yeti's feet take flight, upon the tundran ice
Carries the saucer's key, upon the space bound seed

Bradley Yeti

Artist James Bradley is a yeti lover!

He creates the most abloblinable yeti I've ever seen.

He also does paperbag sculptures. Here's one of a Yeti Family:

Yeti Forest Pint Glass

Yeti Forest Pint Glass
from GAMA-GO.

Link courtesy of the SPECTACULAR Lauren Hardage
Thanks, Lauren!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Not Yeti Friday - Yeti Hunter & Icy

Husband and wife artist duo Scribe and Alisa merged two of their individual specialties (vinyl painting & plush accessorization, respectively) to make this custom munny depicting a hunter of yetis and his polar bear pal.

By the look of the pelt the hunter wears, I can tell their quarry was of the "abloblinable" persuasion.

Via Spanky Stokes

Thursday, March 25, 2010

League of Legends Yeti

Continuing on the theme for this week...

In the computer game League of Legends, there is a playable character of a yeti carrying a boy on his back.

The little boy is known as Nunu the Yeti Rider. And the yeti's name is Willump. Nunu was actually raised by yetis and Willump is his brother. Together, they can hurl ice shards and swallow enemies whole.

Check out an animation of Nunu and Willump here.

Willump getting into the Christmas spirit.


Some fan art (click to see bigger).


I am expecting great things from Nunu and Willump.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adventure Time Yeti (?)

I don't know if this little guy in the bottom left hand corner is a yeti or not:

But I don't really need an excuse to highlight the upcoming cartoon "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake" premiering on Cartoon Network April 5th. This still is from the beginning titles sequence. It looks so great!

The original short that the upcoming series is based on is one of my favorite things, so I have high hopes for the full series. Here is the original short:

Ultra_Generic Yeti

Ultra_Generic makes clip art. These are his yeti you can purchase for royalty free use:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ricks Yeti

For Illustration Friday, the theme was "crunchy". For his contribution, artist Sam Ricks chose to depict the yeti. In his own words:

"Given that snow is crunchy, it'd be even more crunchy if The Abominable Snow Monster danced in it."

Insightful and delightful.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Leach Yeti Crab

Kiwa Hirsuta
Oil and Resin on Wood
35cm x 25cm

by Sam Leach

Friday, March 5, 2010


Not Yeti Friday - Teek

Ewoks don't like Teeks. They consider them pests.

Yes, there is a creature lower in the evolutionary chain than an Ewok.

The Teek is like the yeti in that it is very rare and rarely seen.

The Teek is not like the yeti in that it has buck teeth and really likes to giggle.

Despite their irritating personalities, the Teek do possess the ability of super-speed - which is very handy when there are evil intergalactic thugs occupying your home planet moon.

But they are lovers, not fighters. They are the polar opposites of the Ewok - who are some of the best warriors in the galaxy. Forget Klingons, the Ewok can kill a man in full armor just by flicking a rock at his shoulder.

(It occurs to me: is it really a fair fight between stormtroopers and Ewok? - the stormtroopers are actually just 155th generation copied clones of Boba Fett, right? So, I mean, they've gotta be pretty pathetic at this point, barely able to lift their blasters.)

Anyway, the story goes there was a male Teek whose name was "Teek". And he met Wicket the Ewok and little girls were saved, and members of the two polar opposites became chums, and waved goodbye to the little girls:

But really, how could you stay friends with a Teek? I bet you right after those little girls left, Wicket got peer-pressured into dissing his new giggling friend.

Ewoks gotta have somebody below 'em. Ain't no Ewok gonna be hangin' out with no Teek. Yub nub, eee chop yub nub.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vote for a Fellow Lover of the Yeti

Friend to the blog Beth, aka Lemon Cadet (blog/etsy shop), who famously co-created Yeti Loves Seamonster, is participating in a contest with her yeti artwork and needs your vote!

She made a dress for her daughter and entered it into the LBB & Dharma Trading Design Challenge. See her blog post for more info.

All you have to do is go here and select the second entry, "Yeti Dreams of Soup Dress," in the sidebar poll on the right.

She is one of 15 finalists, and the only one who dared to depict the yeti.

She needs the yeti lovers of the world to vote for her!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ILL Yeti

I previously blogged about Noël ILL's Herbert Sherbert and plush yeti.

Now she has a book of her paintings, entitled "Look Inside" (available here) coming out. Here is a video commercial for it using her yeti puppets:

Red Robin Yeti

The Comestible Purveyor what known as "Red Robin" (we don't have them in Texas, I don't believe) has included a Himalayan Man-Beast of sorts in its commercial, viewable in digital format at the following embed:

Thanks, Mark!

Sherman's Lagoon's Yeti Crab

On November 19, 2009, the Sherman's Lagoon comic strip featured a yeti crab.

Here is a panel from it, but you can read the whole thing at this link.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Littler Yeti

Michelle Littler, aka little toad on Etsy, creates stationary notecards featuring her yeti character:

  • Yetis Love Baking
  • Yetis Love Muffins
  • Yetis Love Baked Godos

    I like their curly horns/ears.

    I previously blogged about her Valentine's Day card with the caption "The Best is Yeti to Come" back in January.