Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yeti as Ninja

Yeti as Pirate (Yeti Arcade: Kaio: King of Pirates)

Kaio: King of Pirates (upcoming) is currently in development for the Nintendo 3DS. It's by the creator of Mega Man.

You'll be able to play as a Yeti pirate named Zhang Fei.

I may post more when it's eventually released.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Not Yeti Friday - Gorilla-Whale

What happens when you cross a gorilla and a whale?

Not Godzilla. And Not Yeti.

Sorry, Ebenezer Scrooge. *





* It is a little known fact that everyone's favorite Victorian curmudgeon believed that a gorilla-whale was both Godzilla and Yeti, even after his timely reformation by ghostly spirits. Sorry, Dickens! *

* It is an even littler known fact that scribe Charles Dickens himself denied ever having written Ebenezer Scrooge to hold such a belief.  Oh, Chucky, there's a lot you don't know... a whole lot of lot!

See the Giant Yeti Puppet on the Streets of Brighton!

Josie writes:
I just wanted to get in touch to tell you about a Yeti which has been sighted round Brighton during the Fringe Festival.  The Yeti called 'Sid' which is short for 'Siddhi' a Nepalese name which translates as 'Achievement' and what an achievement he is.  Designed by Graham Carter to take part in the largest children's parade in UK and to promote his current show 'Me, Marionette' which will be running from the 4th of May - 3rd of June at Ink-d Gallery in Brighton.  Sid was engineered by puppeteer Emma Fisher director of Beyond the Bark Puppet theatre.  Volunteers have glued, hammered, drilled and painted in their spare time to bring this beast to life!  During May and the beginning of June Sid will be taking to the streets with his team of Yeti trackers (puppeteers) to meet and greet the local people, we are inviting everyone to say hello to him and have their photo taken with him for a chance to win one of 5 Graham Carter Prizes.  People can tag themselves in on Sid the Yeti Facebook page.  
Thanks, Josie! And for those keeping track, I previously blogged about Carter's yetis here and here.

If you get a picture with Sid, don't forget to officially tag yourself, and then send me the pic and I'll feature it here on "I Love the Yeti".

Here are some more images of Sid!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Petersen Yeti

Yeti by David Petersen, creator of Mouse Guard

Yeti Arcade: Yeti Hunter

In Yeti Hunter (2012), you roam around a forest looking for a Yeti to shoot.

Hat tip to asciidreamsfan

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fabert Yeti

Yeti by T. Fabert

Joyal Yeti

“A Misunderstood Yeti” by Michael Joyal for the International Cryptozoology Museum

Thanks, Loren!

Update: Loren Coleman had this clarfication in the comments:

"Just to be clear, the Winnipeg artist painted this painting without any contact from the International Cryptozoology Museum, and I obtained it from an art show in Maine for the museum. It was one of those unique discoveries that are beyond a coincidence. Nevertheless, I wanted to be clear the creative process happened quite separately from our museum."