Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sims Yeti

Yeti Arcade: Resonance of Fate

Typical - it's really hard to get a good clean snapshot of the yeti boss from Resonance of Fate (2010) for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Is it wearing a scarf or are those rabbit ears?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Collage Kit

Check out this collage kit put together by Julie Macneil.

Here are a few pics from it:

Scott Yeti

Yeti by Michael Scott

Friday, July 26, 2013

Not Yeti Friday - Acrostic

I already did an anagram of "Abominable Snowman".  How 'bout an acrostic?

Here's an acrostic of other legendary creatures...

A is for... Ao Ao
A half-human, half-boar (sort of)  monster from Guaraní mythology. It howls "Ao ao ao!" when pursuing its prey. Palm trees are its weakness so climb up one if being chased.

B is for... Barbegazi
A Swiss gnome. They use their massive feet as skis or snowshoes. They enjoy surfing avalanches and will dig you out from a pile of snow.

 O is for... Ojáncanu
An evil cyclops of Cantabrian mythology. To kill him, you have to pull out the single white hair out of his beard. Good luck.

 M is for... Maero
The wild, violent man-beasts of Māori mythology. Some versions of them have dog faces.

 I is for... Ippon-datara
A one-legged mountain spirit. It's said to be a ghost of a blacksmith, or the blacksmith god himself.  One of the two.

 N is for... Nue
A monster with the head of a monkey, the body of a raccoon dog, the legs of a tiger, and a snake as a tail. It can transform into a black cloud, fly around, and bring misfortune and illness. Fear the nue.

 A is for... Abura-sumashi
A creepy japanese guy. This spirit, which surprises people on the Kusazumigoe mountain pass, is thought to be the ghost of a human who stole oil.

 B is for... Basajaun
A huge, hairy creature dwelling in the woods in Basque mythology. He protects flocks of livestock and teaches skills such as agriculture and iron-working to humans.

 L is for... Likho
A very, very bad creature with one eye in Slavic mythology. It's the embodiment of evil fate and misfortune.

 E is for... Ebu gogo
The diminutive human-like creatures that appear in the mythology of Flores, Indonesia. Could be connected to Homo Floresiensis, the recently discovered "Hobbit" species.

S is for... Satori
A japanese ape man that can read your mind.

  N is for...Nozuchi
A fat snake-like creature from Japan.

 O is for... Otoroshi
A hairy creature sitting on top of a torii gate. It's thought to be a guardian of the shrine.

 W is for... Wodewose
A popular subject for artists and writers in Medieval Europe was this hairy wildman. I guess everybody gotta have their very own Bigfoot.

 M is for... Mimi
Extra-dimensional fairy-like beings in the folklore of the Indigenous Australians of northern Australia. They live in rock crevices and taught the Aborigines of Australia how to hunt, prepare kangaroo meat and use fire.

 A is for... Agloolik
An ice-water creature in Inuit mythology. It lives under the ice and gives aid to fishermen and hunters.

 N is for... Nimerigar
A legendary race of aggressive little people found in the folklore of the Shoshone people of North America's Rocky Mountains.

A is for Abominable 9

A is for Abominable Snowman from The Monster Alphabet, book by Michael Spradlin and Jeff Weigel

The second image on this post is from there.  Didn't know the source then, but now I do!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Not Yeti Friday - Woo

Pacific Rim is out. And there's buzz about the Godzilla remake. Both feature giant kaiju.  Though neither has the classic 'man-in-suit' aesthetic.

The most famous yeti kaiju is probably Woo from Ultraman.


Woo, you better count your lucky stars you don't live in a universe with Gamera, because NOBODY beats Gamera.

Hawanja Yeti

Yeti Kiko vs. Giant Lizard by Hawanja

Don't forget Kiko, the albino Son of Kong.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

PvZ Zombie Yeti T-shirt

Plants vs. Zombies 2 comes out today hopefully soon? Will it have zombie yeti like the original?

YES! Images forthcoming.

To make up for its delayed release, you can actually get an official PvZ Zombie Yeti T-shirt!