Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Day Of


Somebody's getting married!
Congratulations to cryptozoologist extraordinaire Loren Coleman!

Look Out for Similar Heroes this Evening

It's the cool thing to do. Kanye did it.

Who else can we venerate?







Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Haunted Houses!

Haunted Houses are scarier with yetis.

By Joshuah Hoffine

Right out front, the yeti sits, welcoming you to the haunted house on the hill. Also, he accepts donations.


Move up to the gate and see who is strung up.  Boo!

Look who's lurking on the lawn.

Once inside, feast your eyes on a full set-piece.




"Water Break" by Henry the Worst

Look at that, a skeleton that is dressed as a yeti. He knows what time it is!

"Skeleton Sledding" T-shirt by Skreened
And look at that! A yeti sledding down a mountain on top of a skeleton. He really knows what time it is!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013



Yeah, you know they cavort.

In the comic Doctor 13 by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, they pulled a switcheroo.

The heroes think they've discovered a yeti...

But it's actually a...

Rosario + Vampire is a Japanese manga and anime series about a high school for monsters that look like Japanese teens. The protagonist is a vampire who is classmates with a yeti's daughter.  Sound familiar?  Abbey Bominable, from the American "Monster High" is the same concept.

Here's the yeti dad:


Chronicles of Blood (2013) is a video game in which you play a vampire. You encounter yeti, including a yeti trader that you buy stuff from.



Yeti Arcade: The Heroes of Video Games

In many video games, non-yeti characters put on yeti costumes.  Costume Quest is one, but there are others.

Yes, even your virtual personalities are acting heroically.  Need I remind you that there is a day coming up in which you too have an opportunity to put on the mask and mantle of A Great Hero?   I'm only gonna say it once: On October 31st of 2013, do yourself (and everyone (srsly)) a huge favor and Abominablify Yourself!

Anyway, let's roll it down...

CastleVille (2011) 

The extremely popular social network game had a winter-themed update in January 2012 that included a Yeti and you could purchase costumes for both your male and female characters.

Looks like your character can pick up a yeti suit in this endless runner for  iOS.


CityVille (2010)

In the casual social city-building simulation game CityVille, there's a criminal you can capture called The Yeti who dons the disguise to rob your city.

Urban Rivals (2006)
The massively multi-player online virtual trading card game had a character named Eliska, who was raised by yeti and tries to act like one.

The multiplayer online casual rhythm game had a Christmas celebration in 2009 where you could acquire a yeti suit to wear.

YoVille (2008)

This outfit is available for you in this browser-based virtual world game:

Monday, October 28, 2013



In the comic Doc Frankenstein, a yeti is fought.


Yeti Zombie by Joe Latham

From a Spanish kids book called The Kitchen Monsters by Martin PiƱol about a zombie chef

Friday, October 25, 2013

Not Yeti Friday - Rasputin

One of the most popular posts on this blog is the one I did about Rasputin back in 2009. It consistently ranks as a top visited post.

Listen, I hear you. You love Rasputin. So I don't have to.

As Halloween looms its giant jack-o-lantern head on the horizon, I can't help but think of the Mad Monk as a good addition to the pantheon of traditional Halloween monsters. He's already been depicted a few times in the popular culture as a cartoon villain with mystical powers.  Who cares if he was an historical person?  Was not Dracula based on a real dude? And let's not forget mummies were real dudes once, too.

(shiver - seriously, mummies creep me the way out. Why do people go to museums to see them? They're dried up corpses.)   

So join me in welcoming Ol' Raspy to this year's roster of honorary Halloween ghoulie. 

And now for some fun facts, interspersed with artistic renditions!

  • When Rasputin was growing up, he was a wild kid, a horse-thief, and a drunk. Apparently the local priest would pay him every week to stay away from church on Sundays. 

  • Source

  • Some say his grandfather took him as a young boy to visit a monastery, where he first felt religious urges. When they returned, Rasputin dug a hole in the garden and sat for days, absorbing Earth's powers.

  • Source

  • Then he became a wandering holy man. Actual quote: "For experience and to test myself, I frequently did not change my undergarments for six months."

  • Source

  • He still sinned publicly all the time, engaging in rampant bouts of drinking and womanizing, but because he convinced the Tsarina that he could heal her son's hereditary hemophilia, he stayed one of the most influential men in the government and could get away with just about anything.

  • Source
    Were you aware?

  • His eyes were known to change colors.

  • He didn't know how to read.

  • Source

  • He didn't just treat the Romanovs. His office hours were from 10 am to 1 pm, and any citizen of St. Petersburg could call on him for healing or spiritual support during that time.

  • Source

  • In fact, he seldom visited the Imperial Family in the Palace.

  • Bet you didn't know! His daughter, Maria, became a circus performer and died in Los Angeles.

  • Source

  • If you wanted to, you could attribute all of his successes to one thing: hypnotism.

  • Nobody likes a good hypnotist, however, so it's no wonder some aristocrats lured him to their home and fed him poisoned cakes. Unfortunately, they had no effect. Instead, no doubt in some creepy way, Rasputin asked the high class folks to sing for him. They got scared and shot him with a pistol. Which didn't have much of an effect. And he escaped. When they caught up to him, they shot him some more and beat him up. But he didn't actually die until they bound him and threw him into the river.

    The Mad Monk is hiding somewhere in these two photographs! Can you spot him and foil his evil machinations?

    Remember: All the people in these photographs have probably been hypnotized.