Friday, October 30, 2015

[Heroween] Not Yeti Halloween Friday - Trick-or-Treat Grab Bag

TRICK! A vintage sheep costume made me think it was a baby yeti for a second.

TREAT! A Zombie Sloth


TRICK! Batman disguised as Godzilla. 


TREAT!  Mummy Man from Ultraman is very ape-like.

TRICK! Hairy Scary, uncle to Casper the Friendly Ghost, who is like the yeti of ghosts.

TREAT! These guys...

Gris Grimly

TRICK! Curse you, HUUUUULLKKKK!! I almost thought for a second...

By Alexander Lozano

TREAT! This riding golem...

Francisco Badilla

TRICK! Batman disguised as gorilla. 

TREAT! Honky Kong from Black Dynamite

[Heroween] Party Pals

Do you want proof that Yeti is a Halloween monster?



He routinely associates with other Halloween monsters, his friends... for a "Halloween Party".

Exhibit A:
In Music Albums:

With friends!

With friends!

Exhibit B:

In Art Works:

With mummy!

With Dracula & Black Lagoon Creature!

With a ghost!

Exhibit C:

In Confections:

German chocolate contains a yeti toy

[Heroween] Skeletons

Wow, what is up with this German toy? I think it's a mold to freeze ice around a yeti skeleton. I don't entirely understand how it works - what do the little stick-doohickeys at the bottom do? Pry out the ice-yeti from the mold?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

[Heroween] Vampires

CountDracul is a storybook app for kids about a friendly vampire who takes you through his house and introduces you to his circle of multicultural friends.  There's "Frankie the Jewish Frankenstein, Raggy the Egyptian mummy, Howie the Ukrainian werewolf, Yetinder the Indian yeti..."  Okay.


From Canada, Mona the Vampire (1999 – 2004), is a kids cartoon about a vampire girl.
Season 4 episode:  "Ready Steady Yeti" (2002)has her going up against the yeti:

[Heroween] Azombinable Snowmen



Versus Zombie!

Versus Zombie!



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

[Heroween] Frankenstein & Batman vs. Yeti

Doc Frankenstein teamed up with Batman to fight yetis in the comic, Batman and Robin #31 (2014)!

The two are looking for Ra's Al Ghul in the Himalayas. They get attacked by yetis, but Batman figures out the Non-Malicious Monsters are just protecting their territory and he makes peace with them. In yet another example of the (pretty played-out) Heel-Face Turn trope, the yeti help them fight Ra's.

[Heroween] Frankie Stein

The 1980s humor kids comic Frankie Stein had yetis in a few of its holiday specials.

In #13: Frankie meets a Yeti and his family but Professor Cube destroys their home, so they end up living with him.

And in #18:some filmmakers are trying to make an Abominable Snowman movie.