Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday, February 26, 2007

Yeti's hands & feet are HUGE

Thanks to this blogger's post, I now know of a new figure. It is paired inexplicably with a miniature simulation truck.

NOTE: This is not to be confused with Matchbox's other yeti-themed product, Mega Rig Arctic Adventure Snow Monster Mission.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Yeti? Never heard of him.

The Black Panther fought the yeti in a comic book and I believe this is the cover to it. Here is a section:

Note this passage of dialogue:

The name is strange to you? You've never heard of yeti? ...Okay.

But you say his manner is familiar? And what manner would that be? Someone leaning over you and saying "RRRR"? Have you known that many individuals who do such a thing?

So who do you think the Black Panther is referring to?

The first candidates that leap to mind are The Thing and the Hulk... just because the comment seems like a wink to his regular, comic-reading audience, and they are the first big lugs of his acquaintance that come to mind.

Lending further credence to the theory that Black Panther is reminded of The Thing is that he actually calls yeti a "thing" when he first sees him. And Hulk just jumps up and roars at people all the time; it's what he does. So he's a likely suspect as well.

Another possibility is Panth is just comparing yeti to the wild beasts of the jungle, particularly his namesake. Wild cats have been known to seek high ground above their prey where they like to growl menacingly before leaping... It is their manner.

But I'm not satisfied with these ideas.

Send me your own suggestion by email, and I'll tally up the votes! Winner gets bonus points in a future contest.

Image from the Kirby Museum

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Love the I Love the Yeti fans

This site was the first ever Awesome Blog of the Month for a site called 423 Smith, which has something to do with Brooklyn and something to do with a web studio. This awesome blog calling me an awesome blog also offers an El Gato del Dia and occasionally a robot post.

Stoner's Choice

Scooby Doo and his friends from humanity, collectively known as "The Mystery Incorporated", now have their adventures serialized in a comic book for the youth crowd. Their Issue # 116 features a story entitled "Yeti Spaghetti", and this is its cover.

Shaggy, Choose Your Fate:

Death by Yeti
Death by Frostbite (from those ungloved hands)
Death by Inevitable Skiing Accident (such as collision w/ tree or outcropping)
Death by Chocolate
Death by Sniper
Death by Zoinks (I don't know what that is, but you're always yelling it)
Death by 16-ton Anvil
Death by Bananimal (a cross between a banana and an animal)
Death by Your Own Shadow
Death by Stave
Death by the "Great Dane Judas"

All are equally likely candidates.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pirates & Crabs!

  • This week, one of my favorite web comics, Jesse Reklaw's Slow Wave, features a woman's dream of Pirate Yeti.

  • Nathalie Roland has created this awesome skateboard that features the Yeti Crab!
  • Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    Frauke vs. Yeti

    Frauke is the experimental / death metal / german pop group that hails from Germany. It is made up of three members, all named Frauke, who all play the guitar, drums, and provide the necessary vocals. Here is an illustration of them fighting yeti (click for an engorged version):

    I have been in correspondence with Frauke. And I happily quote:

    We are Frauke. One of our members - her name is also Frauke - had a romantic relationship with the Yeti. Then she found out that the Yeti was cheating on her. So she had a romantic camping date, but then set the Yeti on fire with a flaming marshmallow. Since then, she has devoted her time to conjuring up strategems that will allow us to successfully kill more of the Yetis. One of them is where we ask the Yeti to go hunting with us. The Yeti, being small minded, say yes. And then we tell the Yeti to "wait right here, because we will be right back." The Yeti does this because the Yeti is stupid. So then we surround and shoot the Yeti many times and we high-five the sherpas.

    Frauke has also sent me the link to their myspace page and to the song where Frauke tells the joke, and here that is:


    Thank you to Frauke.

    Monday, February 19, 2007

    Skullbeard Mountain *

    The pre-eminent cryptozoologist of our time Loren Coleman dishes up the low-down on the multi-media event known as Cryptid, that Weta is involved in.

    The artist Alex Horley is another co-conspirator and painted the following picture, which illustrates the truth behind a popular misconception. Yeti does not always swat at his opponents with his powerful claw-ended fore-arms. He has been known to use the odd implement in his scrimmages.

    Yeti is particular fond, as depicted here, of wielding large sticks, or as they are known to the cosmopolite, "staves".

    See for yourself.

    * Full Title: "In the shadow of Skullbeard Mountain, Yeti teams up with Lara Croft and the sea serpent Zishaulle to defeat Roger Venger, Caped Explorer, and his patented "knife-gun". Staves in particular are employed with deftness. Meanwhile, high above, a bi-plane blows up a blimp. Ka-Pow!"

    Friday, February 16, 2007

    You too can 'Induce Fear with Howls'

    For the purposes of this blog, sasquatches are not yetis. It is not just that they are brown, not white, and live in North America, it's also that they live in forests, not icy tundras, and go by the name Sasquatch or Bigfoot and not yeti. I am making an exception in this case by including a sasquatch link(s) submitted by my friend Emily.

    Sasquatch Militia from the
    Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs

    The Militia page does mention something called "Ancient Yeti Martial Arts", so perhaps I'm not breaking my cardinal rule so much.

    Yeti is a winner

    Yeti got the crimson pendant. What you got?!


    The Abominable Snowman doesn't walk from place to place.
    He trudges.


    This here's an idea for a yeti float. Would have made a swell one.


    The above wallpaper was created for your cell phone and it is available from here.


    Many more awesome Philippe Coudray paintings like this one found at his Cryptozoology site


    Blood on the stomach? Yeti, have you been bloodpainting again?


    And now for one final link to an art work:

    Yeti Keeper, self promotional illustration by Rachel Quinlan

    Thursday, February 15, 2007


    Something I haven't seen put forward as a theory yet is the possibility that yeti is actually a walrus man.

    Large biped? check.
    Giant fangs (tusks)? check.
    Carnivorous? check.
    Inhabits frozen environs? check.

    Picture this:

    Strictly tellurian, the walrus-man has forsaken his evolutionary progenitors' semi-aquatic lifestyle - forgoing the arctic sea in favor of the inland sierra. A handful of Himalayan hikers have encountered the walrus-man, but few have lived to tell the tale. These traumatized survivors only remember tidbits concerning large fangs and a bellicose temperament. Not terribly up on their zoology, they misidentify the lumbering creature as ape-like. You know this creature by another name: "yeti".


    It's easy to see how yeti may be a walrus-man, but there's an additional possibility: Were-Walrus!... i.e. a being capable of transmogrifying itself into a hybrid of a human and the bloated, zoo-dwelling pinniped from the Lewis Carroll story.

    Look what this site says:

    "Alaskan Eskimos believed that in the mythological past all humans, animals, and spirits could change their physical forms at will. In the nineteenth century, only spirits and shamans retained the ability to undergo transformations. The belief in transformation explains the cautious way Alaskan Eskimos dealt with strangers and animals that behaved in peculiar ways. Such beings might have been dangerous supernatural characters or hostile shamans in disguise. The theme of a walrus-man transformation was commonly expressed in Eskimo material through the use of the double tusk motif."

    Could yeti have vacationed in Alaska, thus inspiring the folklore?! Millions travel there all the time. If yeti were to go on holiday to the States, I think you know where he'd go. Especially if he was a walrus-man.

    Pudding, as always, yields the proof.


    According to wikipedia:

    "Walruses [and, ergo, 'Walrus-Men'] are among the only mammals in the world that do not process liquid waste via a bladder organ. Once digested, liquid waste is absorbed through the lining of the small intestine and secreted through the skin."

    Maybe poet and mountain-climber Jack Elastiche wasn't just being whimsical when he composed his famous "The Yeti Does Not Pee (Like You or Me)".

    If Elastiche knows something we don't, why is he being so mysteriously silent on the subject? And why disguise the truth in a children's poem? To laugh at us? Jack Elastiche, I'm calling you out!


    Finally, based on the evidence at hand, I think it only natural to assume that, if yeti is in fact a walrus-man, he then hails from Astral Atlantis and is powered by an amulet.

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    Friday, February 9, 2007

    Yeti like cocoa

  • The above holiday card was created by: Aaron Renier

  • A short story with illustration: Bob's Yeti Problem

  • Poster print by Rob Warnick: Yeti
  • Tuesday, February 6, 2007

    Yeti speaks to me via his primary agent, the Wind

    What's new in yeti figurature?

    And now some of the artistic likening:

  • Drawing of Yeti!

  • Digital Painting of Yeti!

  • Kids' Doodle (I think) of Yeti!

  • And that's it!