Thursday, October 5, 2006


Yeti is now going by a new alias : "Man Beast"!

Write that down. Keep it close at all times. Think upon it when you go to sleep. MAN BEAST!

Apparently there was a 1956 B-movie about Yeti that has eluded me until now. Tricky Yeti! Please stop your incessant eluding!

The tagline of the film is "Sub-human monsters go on a rampaging blood-binge!"

Interesting piece of true trivia: The actor who played Man Beast was named Rock Madison. This was a pseudonym, a cross between Rock Hudson and Guy Madison. The reasons for this are so complicated I can't make any sense of it. Maybe you can. Here's the explanation taken from the Internet Movie Database:

"A hoax name! Made up by Jerry Warren as a cross between Rock Hudson and Guy Madison, Warren originally intended to use it as a pseudonym for male lead Tom Maruzzi in Man Beast (1956). How- ever, to make the cast seem larger, Warren turned around and included Maruzzi also at 3rd billing, though assigned to the character he really played; made up a nonexistent film character, "Lon Raynon" to justify keeping Rock Madison in the credits, and later told interviewers that, while "Lon Raynon" was cut from the film, "Madison" played the yeti. In fact, the yeti was only played by others in the cast in rotation, and Warren's future wife, Brianne Murphy. Later, Warren resurrected the Madison name for the star billing in Creature of the Walking Dead (1965), though none of the advertising associates any named actors (incl. Madison) with any of the characters. As that film was essentially an edited Mexican feature, Warren could have conceivably argued that Rock Madison here was just a pseudonym for one of the Mexican actors, but there is no evidence he actually did so. Therefore, Rock Madison becomes a name without a body, a true non-person."

I say, I say, WHAT?!