Monday, October 3, 2016

[Meta Monday] Wishes

Welcome to Meta Monday.

True Story! ~  I was at a conference last week for work on the topic of chat bots. You know, like you do.  And you wouldn't think it would have anything to do with yetis. Nor would I.  So there I was, at the conference on chat bots, and I was zoning out during one particular presentation, my attention drawn away from the topic of chat bots.  And then I just happened to look up and get this ~ the speaker was showing pictures of yetis on his slides.

And I was like wait what?

Yup: there was a pic of the redesigned Matterhorn yeti, and the yeti crab and some others. And I just sat there peering up at his slides, confused, wondering uhhh am I dreaming?

I didn't get out of my dumbfounded stupor long enough to run forward and snap a pic as proof that it happened before the presenter moved on to the next slide, but I did have enough wherewithal to get pics of that next slide and he was still talking about yetis. He was using the word "yeti" as an example to show how challenging it can be to understand meaning in keywords within systems. And that one needs agents to act as third parties to help provide better context.  He was using words like taxonomies, disambiguation and semantic and all these meta words about searching. Words I learned in library school.  He was talking about LOOKING FOR YETIS ON THE INTERNET.

You know, LIKE I DO.

It was a weird moment for me.  And a wish come true. One I didn't even know I wanted.

What you may or may not know is, on this blog, I usually make it quite clear what my wishes are.  I like to request that the venerable Mr. Santa Claus (of Christmas fame) grant about 12 of them each and every year.

I've already blogged about these wishes from previous years that were granted this year already:

And here are three NEW WISHES GRANTED that I am just revealing right now:

#10/11 for 2015
A group of artists take a beast from Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and contribue an illustration.  Check out all of their yetis.

Although they aren't yetis posing with characters from the Potterverse, they were still created as being from that world, so it counts.

#2 for 2014
Rasputin is the boss in the 2015 Polaris expansion of Wizard101; and also included is a new Yeti adventurer named Zoot.

Rasputin & Yeti posing together

# 1 for 2013
Figure for Rise of the Guardians Yeti from 2012 Kinder Egg surprise:

Thanks, Santa!

Harsh Reminder, however:



Besides the aforementioned Kirby comic, what I wish I could have found in the ten years of this blog:

There's a comic story called "The Snowman!" from Astonishing Tales 36 (December 1954) and republished in Dead of Night 6 (1974), and this is the only pic I can find from it:

SNAURRGHHH.  I want the rest!

And there was another comic story, Robin 89 and 90 from 2001, in which Robin is attacked by miniature yetis in the Himalayas. All I have is this pic here, but I would have loved to track down more panels from it.

There's also a bunch of kids cartoons whose yetis have proven elusive:
  • YooHoo and Friends - Father Time sees them
  • Captain Flamingo -  "Boy and his Yeti" (FOUND!)
  • Iron Nose - "The Yetis' Bat"
  • Bocman i Popugaj
  • DoDo: The Kid from Outer Space - "The Abominable Snowman"
  • Johnny Cypher in Dimension Zero - "The Abominable Snowman" (1967)
  • Moomins -  "Moomins And The Fake Yeti"
  • Potatoes & Dragons (FOUND!)
  • Angela Anaconda - "Best Is Yeti To Come"
  • Jack -  from Sparky Animation, about a robot
  • Vampires, Pirates and Aliens -  "Dr. Yeti the Veti"
There's a kids comic: Dudley Do-right in Bullwinkle 13 1976 - does it have a yeti depiction in it?

And a book: "Pirate Patch and the Abominable Pirates"

If I find any of the above, I'll go back in later and update the post. 

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