Thursday, March 22, 2007


The 2005 Xbox 360 videogame Kameo: Elements of Power features a yeti named Chilla that you can transform into strategically within the game to help you kill and climb things, but mostly kill things.

In Kameo, you play a sylphic elf-princess named Kameo who can harness the power of the elements and transform into representational warriors to fight trolls. Examples include a dragon, a plant, and an armadillo. For the element of Ice, Kameo can turn into Chilla.

Straight from the game's creators, these are Chilla's official stats. Write these down in your copybooks... now.

Likes: Building snowmen
Dislikes: Snow angels
Favorite Movie: King Kong

Chilla, the glacial yeti, is big, brawny, and earnest about walloping Trolls. With the help of the Element of Power, Kameo wears Chilla like a living fur coat. At her command, this blue yeti slings icicles, hurls foes, and swings Trolls around by their ankles.

Chilla is a frosty whirlwind of destruction up close and at range. He has one of the longest ranged and most precise attacks in the game, and with the Spike Storm upgrade he can stun
[freeze completely solid] a swarm of enemies, toss them onto his back, and hurl them over a cliff or into a hazard for tons of Brutal Bonuses. You’ll also frequently need his climbing abilities to reach various areas in the game.


Two of Chilla's abilities can actually apply to all yeti. They are:

The Slam Hammer can be used to dispose of an enemy Chilla is holding. If Chilla has an enemy on his back, press LT+RT to wield the enemy as a club, then press LT+RT again to slam the enemy into the ground, destroying them for a Brutal bonus.

Spirit Up
This increases Chilla’s Spirit Bar.

Now if someone would just please make an excellent action figure of Chilla.


penguin said...

cool pictures,sounds like a great game,do you have it??

penguin said...

look around it eventually you'll find a yeti.

penguin said...

can i put a link to your blog on mine??

Henry said...

No, penguin, I don't have the game. And thanks for the toys2r link. I will post about what I found there. And sure, you can put a link to my blog on yours.

penguin said...

it's ok,as long as it makes your site eeven better! Go yeti!!;-)
thanks for your permission as well!