Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wish List for Santa

Dear Santa,  I think I've been a good yeti-blogger this year.  So I'm wishing you will put the following items on the Web for me to find.  

*wink* *wink*

Thanks, Santa!

P.S. A plate of cookies is on the table.


1) Vinyl figure or plush versions of...

a) World of Warcraft Yeti

 b) Rise of the Guardians Yeti:

c) Zhang Fei from Kaio: King of Pirates:

d) Yeti from Uncharted 2:

2) Yeti with food on his head
Something along these lines:

3) Yetis saying SNNAAAURR
Something along these lines:

4) Ivan Brunetti yeti
'Cuz it rhymes, and he's a cartoonist I like:

5) Yeti using a neti pot
'Cuz it rhymes, and can't ya just see him using one?

6) Yeti with braces
Something along these lines:

9) Yetis at weddings
Something along these lines:

10) Yeti hanging out with his pal...

a) Madame Blavatsky
(They say she spent seven years in the Himalayas gaining mystic powers...)

b) Tenzing Norgay
(One look at this guy's smile? = BFFs)
(If anyone could have befriended one, she could.)

11) Yetis in fighting games
We have Sasquatch in Darkstalkers
and Blizzard in Primal Rage... It's not enough!

12) Sherlock Holmes vs. yeti

You know, like at the Reichenbach Falls? 
I mean, the Matterhorn has Yeti
...why can't the Reichenbach Falls?

What's on your wish list?

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