Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Yeti Arcade: Everything Else (that I know of)


Hey guys, here's the last Yeti Arcade.  It contains pretty much Everything Else (that I know of) in the world of video games containing yetis.

Spud's Quest (2013) - retro platformer was funded on Kickstarter:

Final Fantasy XII (2006):

Wow, yeti's been in most Final Fantasy games, though widely different depictions.
Let's roll call 'em:

Final Fantasy II (1988):
Final Fantasy VI (1994)
Final Fantasy IX (2000)
Final Fantasy XI (2002)
Final Fantasy XII (2006) - see above
Final Fantasy XIV (2010)
Final Fantasy Type-0 (2011)

Total Domination (2011):

Nibblers (2015):

Yeti Sensation (2015):

Yeti Rush (2015):

Dungeon Rampage :

Riders of Icarus (2016):

Spy Fox 2: Some Assembly Required (1999):

The Snack World (2017) - look out for this one next year.

Toy Story 3: The Video Game (2010) has a Toy Box mode, where players can create and customize levels and fill it with inhabitants and missions. By completing various objectives within this world, players can earn money to unlock new objects and expand their city.

One of the objectives: Take a photo of the Abominable Snowman.

Rakion (2005)



Shadow of Eclipse (2013)


Unison Legacy:

Steppenwolf: The X-Creatures Project (2001):

Tower of the Princess:

Yeti and Banana:

Eclipse Wars:


Star Ocean: The Last Hope (2009)

Project Spark:

Yeti Slide:

Yeti vs. the Game:

Sword of the Stars: The Pit (201X):

Super City Friends:

3D RPG Heaven Sword:

Iris Online:

PewdiePew : Legend of the Bro Fist (2015):

Monster Castle:

Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan (1999):

a playable character

Nuclear Throne (2015):

Hotel Transylvania 2:

Ghost Hunters:


Social Empires:

And last but not least, one last...

Yeti Crab Arcade ~

Fishing Superstars:

Ghost Trappers:

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