Monday, October 3, 2016

[Meta Monday] Top 10 of Ten Years

SNNAAAURR, everybody!

My blog is going to be exactly ten years old on Wednesday. 

To celebrate, here are my top 10 of ten years, off the top of my head.

10) Monsters Inc/ Monsters University Abominable Snowman - Leave it to Pixar to make the best ever example of a Yeti in a film.  And he really only has the tiniest of cameos (hence the tenth place). But he makes it count.

He makes a truly excellent plush btw.

P.S. My other fav yeti moment in cinema is Scott Pilgrim's musical patronus.

9) For kids cartoons, the two that come to mind are the super-villain Argost from Secret Saturdays 'cause that was great twist at the end. (Original post and Throwback)

And the wise mentor Frostbite from Danny Phantom gets a mention because he has a Frozen Arm.

A Frozen. Arm.


There should have been an action figure of this guy.

8) Artists What Visually Expressed Love for the Shaggy Nepalese Ice-Beast:

Where to start?

Travis Louie won my heart today.

But there are so many other heart-winners:

Carson Ellis
Celita Murphy
Jason Pruett
Nate Wragg
Jeff McMillan
And on and on.

7) I think my favorite yeti moment in comic books is when Stan Lee put them in the first issue of Silver Surfer (1968).

Yetis, you see, are a metaphor.

Remember, kids:  

"Each and every earthling in his own tragic way, is as much a YETI as those who fight below [i.e. actual yetis]!  Only the outward trappings differ... but all their hearts are filled with fear and dark distrust!"

Yetis just be us, y'all. 

So true, Stan the Man.  So true.

It is unclear whether these yeti are the same as the ones Silver Surfer foster-parented who turned out to be evil manipulating warrior wizards and not yetis at all. If so, I don't know what that does for Stan's metaphor.

Each and every earthling in his own tragic way is as much a warrior wizard pretending to be a yeti?

I guess it still works.

6) For video games, I think the two best are "Yeto and Yeta" from Zelda Twilight Princess

Their love is so sweet.

And "Blizzard" from Primal Rage deserves to share the spot because he is the god of goodness and virtue.

Yes, you got that right: the god of goodness and virtue.

This is a god.

5) I need to give the #5 spot to: Cryonax.

He's a demon prince from Dungeons & Dragons, somebody the aforementioned Blizzard would probably want to take down (in one-on-one, 2D fighting game style).

Cryonax is the most metal entity of all time. Look at him.

4) Weird Al's polka puppet video

Its inclusion needs no explanation.

3) Historical Puns

Yeti Roosevelt

Still not available for purchase though

2) Yeti Crab

Discovered March 22, 2005 - it's real

1) My 3000th post - a time-line of Sixty Years of Yeti Depictions

I made this. It was a lot of work.

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