Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wish List for Year 2016

Dear Santa, 

I'll be honest, Mr. Claus - you haven't paid a whole lot of attention to my Wish Lists each year. So I don't really think this is doing much good, but, hey, I'm an optimist.

This year, I wish to see the following on the Internet:

1) Torg fan art or custom figure

He's a major enemy of Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner - a Sea Yeti who calls himself the "Abominable Snow-King".  He deserves way more love and attention from the fans. 

2) Spin-off cartoon show starring Snowman from Thundercats

He's the yeti from the Thundercats cartoon. Check this: he's a Snow Knight, riding around on his loyal polar cat, that, for some reason, isn't upright and sentient like other cats of that world. And his weapons are made of ice.  Um, Yes, I want to learn more about his noble deeds and adventures.

Elaboration in a serialized animated medium is requested!

3) Amanda Visell Yeti

She's a talented artist whose work is often made into designer toys. And yet... no Yeti?  A shame.

4) Eric Carle Yeti

He's a talented artist who often depicts animals. And no, that's not a Yeti above - Carle's never depicted a Yeti to my knowledge; that's his famous gorilla that I messed with in Photoshop to make it look white.  A shame.

5) Yeti as Mona Lisa


Yeti = Mysterious.
Mona Lisa = Mysterious.  
Yeti as Mona Lisa = No brainer.

6) Toy of Yeti from Minions 

Although the design is fairly Bumble-ish, it lends itself well to a toy or plush, I would think. Let's at least give it a try.

7) Deadpool vs. Yeti

Deadpool fights everybody and kills everyone, even literary characters.  I think a yeti should be on his next hit list. Can I get a witness?

8) Yeti in a piece of toast 

No comment.

9) Yeti in a Super Mario game

Yeti is in every video game franchise except the most famous one?!  This is unacceptable.

10) Yeti and manatees, or an Abominable Snowmanatee

I've never seen it. Have you seen it? I want to see it.  They are a match made in Heaven. Endorsed by the Divinity. And should have graced our lives long ago. Why are we made ever weaker by the dearth of the presence of this union?

11) Alexander the Great and the Yeti

So there's a (probably bogus) story circulating out there that Alexander the Great heard legends of the Yeti when he was conquering the Indus Valley in 326 BCE, and asked the locals to see one, and they were like, "Uh, sorry, no. We're at too low an altitude" - which seems like a cop-out to me. I mean, how would they know whether Yeti could breathe where they were?  Anyways...

Everyone knows Alexander the Great didn't meet a Yeti. What this wish presupposes is... maybe he did.

I wish to see depictions of Alexander the Great meeting Yeti. Like a 'meet-and-greet' kind of thing.

12) Nikola Tesla vs. the Yeti, or just friends, like meeting

Now here's a story I would actually believe: Nikola Tesla meeting/fighting a Yeti. I mean, that would not even surprise me.

In advance, I say: Thank You, Santa Claus.

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