Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wish List for Upcoming Year 2015

Dear Santa, Here's what I want to find on the Internet this year. Thanks in advance. -Me

1) Tom Petty Yeti
Cuz it rhymes.

Like this, but with an original yeti (i.e. not Bumble)?

2) Yeti as Jester
I've never seen a yeti dressed as a medieval jester. Have you?  We've earned this.

3) Yeti vs. Ben Franklin
They should fight it out and then make up.  Franklin will later dedicate a Poor Richard's Almanack to the legendary Snow Beast, thanking him for pointing out his faults.  This is a match made in Valhalla. I can feel you're with me on this.

4) More Ninjas
Listen, I know what you're thinking: ninjas had their heyday; their time is over.  That may be true. But yetinjas are forever.  Don't let anyone over 40 tell you otherwise. The dream is real. It's really real. No j/k. 2legit2quit = this wish.

5) Yeti & Flamingo
I don't see this on the Internet much at all. I think it'd be cute. Also, my aunt likes them (flamingos). And isn't it time we honour our aunts?

6) Hulk vs. Abominable Snowman. In May 1979, Hulk battled a mo-hawked Abominable Snowman in a British comic. Its name was Susquatch [sic] (not to be confused with the Marvel character named Sasquatch). Plot details here. What I can't find are any more scanned images from the actual comic panels of this particular yeti and his fight with the emerald giant. All I have is this tantalizing cover:

7) Robin Hood with a Yeti.  Or a yeti dressed as Robin Hood. I must be on some kind of medieval kick. First the jester, now this.

8) Yeti on a Jetty
Cuz it rhymes.

9) Screen grabs of the Yeti from these kids' cartoons of yesteryear:
  • Transylvania Pet Shop
  • DoDo the Kid from Outer Space 
  • Johnny Cypher in Dimension Zero 
  • King Arthur's Disasters 
  • YooHoo and Friends 
  • Fun with Claude 
  • Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
  • The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show
  • Dino Babies

Just hurry up and throw it up on there on the WWWeb and I will credit Santa 100%.

    10) Gilderoy Lockhart and the Yeti

    How come there's no fan art depicting Gilderoy Lockhart with the Yeti?  He spent a year with one and wrote a bestselling book!  Knowing Gilderoy, it didn't technically happen, was entirely made up or stolen from someone else's true story, but I'd still like to see what he wrote about.  What did he do during that whole year? What shenanigans did he say he got up to with the Abominable One?  Let's flex our imaginations and visualize it.  With a character like Gilderoy's and the Yeti as a counterpoint to his personality, this is ripe with potentialityness.

    11) Yeti Patronus

    While we're on the subject of Harry Potter, I'd like to see illustration(s) of a wizard's yeti patronus, something similar to these rare and unusual ones depicted by artist Alicia Braumberger.

    And yes, Scott Pilgrim appears to have a yeti patronus, but he's a Muggle.

    Someone (not me) asked, the question to Harry Potter experts: "Why does the Yeti never appear in Rowling's work?" So there's clear interest out there to see yetis alongside witches and wizards. Surely, the upcoming trilogy of 'Fantastic Beasts' films will scratch this itch.

    12) Romeo and Juliyeti

    The name says it all. Tell the same story with the same setting & time period, but replace Juliet with a yeti named Juliyeti; Capulets can be a whole family of yeti - why not?  I'd buy that for a guilder.

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