Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Last Post: Good Bye

Thanks for reading!

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Jim Bryson

Pablo Manuel M. R.

Karen Watkins

So long, folks!


Jonny said...

Hello, I am Jonny (fan from Italy).
I follow your blog since the beginning and sometimes I've suggested some images (Pororo and We Bare Bears).
I've always loved this blog (the most beautiful I've ever seen) and now I feel a little bit down, but all good things come to an end and so this blog.

Thank you really much, Henry, for all the love you put in your articles and for how interest they were! The idea of "Not Yeti Friday" was pure genius! There was always something amazing here!

Thank you again for this blog. Bye 👋.

Jeff said...

Thank you for years of yeti fun! I'll miss this blog!

Beth Lemon said...

I'm way more sad to hear this now than I was the first time you announced it a few years ago. It seems real this time. Thanks for all the posts. I have enjoyed each and every one and appreciate your hard work in keeping the dream alive for your readers. Long live the yeti!