Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wish List for Santa

Dear Santa, Here's what I want to find on the Internet this year. Thanks in advance. -Me

1) Anything about Henry Newman
In 1921, a British journalist named Henry Newman coined the moniker "Abominable Snowman" after hearing about the Sherpa legend. This one neologistic act inspired everything that came after.  It sparked people's imaginations around the world - instantly painting a picture of this exotic monster in the mind.  All Yeti love (i.e. everything you see on this blog) is a direct result of Mr. Newman's fanciful way with words. It's even why the yeti is depicted as a white-furred creature (the word "snowman" just sorta lends itself to that).  

So... Thanks, Hank!

But who was this philanthropic hero?  I can't find anything.  What did he look like?  Where's the original article where he first uses the term? I'm drawing a blank (and I'm a professional cyber-sleuth).

Hey, World-Wide-Web-of-All-Information-at-Our-Fingertips!  Cough up the juice. (Wait, that sounds weird.) Do please divulge your secrets on this subject matter.

I'm putting out an APB on this.  Do you want a best friend? If you divulge and/or cough this up (your pref), I will assume the form of the desired entity.

2)  Rasputin & the Yeti
The Mad Monk and the Abominable Snowman fought or were friends, surely.   Face it, they would have some kind of relationship. Let's explore this visually.

3) More Yeti Pirates
Yetis make the best pirates, and vice versa. I know it; you know it. Knowing is half the battle.

From post
See all that I've been able to collect so far containing yetis & pirates.

4) Yeti Crab Pirate
Look, this is the most obvious thing I have ever wished for.
+ = WIN.

(Yeti Crab by Rocco Bittelari)

5) Yeti & Classic Witch
Halloween monsters love the yeti.  So it's obvs we need a witch and a yeti depicted together. Hey Internet, "inter-get" to it!

6) Yeti associated with Wizard of Oz
Speaking of Wicked Witch... somebody stick a frozen man-beast in the Land of Oz, pronto.This is a no-brainer (à la Scarecrow).

I mean, both Wonderland and Middle Earth have them. Oz is bereft.

7) Pratchett Yeti
There be yeti in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. But I have never seen them illustrated. Andale, Paul Kidby (or whoever wants to take a stab)!

8) Yetis in fridges/freezers
A little yeti that lives in a freezer and terrorizes the local frozen food... yes, you know you want it. Adorable.

I got my first taste for this back when I posted about this video game.

9) Yeti Piñatas
There aren't enough... Simply. Not. Enough.

10) Wild West: Yetis vs. Cowboys
Here's the deal, make with the images of yetis battling cowboys, either on horseback or via high noon showdown.  Isn't the West just that much Wilder with some yeti?

Debbie Grayson
Let's unite, human race, over this single, common directive.

11) Fake conceptual art from my April Fools movies
This is probably one I'll have to do myself, but I'd love to see fake conceptual art or movie posters from these yeti kids movies I made up as an April Fools' joke a couple years back.

This would make my day. Think about it. The reward outweighs other negligible factors.

12) More Yetis with narwhals
Come on!  Not even gonna grace this one with words.

Santa, you're the best, you know that?

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