Monday, October 12, 2015

Mysteries for You to Solve



Mystery 001:

Somewhere one can/could take one's photo with a shades-wearing yeti and have your face appear frozen over. WHERE?

Mystery 002:

This plush (spotted here) is new to me, and I cannot determine its source. Is it available for purchase?

Mystery 003:

Somewhere this yeti statue stands. Know ye of its position and purpose?

Mystery 004:

This yeti has a fetching red crystal mohawk.  But what video game is he from?

Mystery 005:


A pair of paintings whose original artists and context (what article/book/etc. they were originally intending to illustrate) elude me.  Care to elucidate?

Mystery 006:

This is the cover to Star Wars comic Vol. 1 Issue 77 (1983) features Luke fighting a... what? on the cover. A clothed wampa?


Mystery # 5 from the  5/15/15 Mysteries for You to Solve post was solved by an anonymous commenter. Turns out it's from an advertisement for Pelican Coolers:

Here are additional Unsolved, Mysterious, Unexplained, and Unknown Things We Do Not Know Anything About:

1) The Mystery of the Plush Almost Acquired By Father
 2) The Mystery of the Vintage Plush Owned Since Youth With No Tag Or Markings ("did mom cut off????")
3) The Mystery of the Drawing of the Steampunk Cyborg And the true object(s) of my obsessions...
 4) The Mystery of the Yeti Pet Plushes (second photo)

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Mystery 001 Solution:

Backus Ice Photo booth At Mistura 2014 - Mundo Cervecero Backus.