Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[Disguise Week] Yeti Arcade: Disguise Roundup

A lot of video games allow you to play a hero.  But some video games allow you to a play a true hero.

And by this, I mean the ability to put on a yeti suit.

Yitien (2013):

This game actually has a policy of making everybody dress as yetis:
Upon entering [the Kunlun Mts], all players will be dressed as Yetis and their names will display as “Yeti”. There will also be real Yetis roaming the mountains as well. Mounts, chat channels, pets, clothing, titles and character info will be hidden to ensure that it is impossible to distinguish Yetis from players.

There are 4 kinds of (real) Yetis in the Kunlun Mts.: Enraged Yeti (epic), Fierce Yeti (rare), Strong Yeti (uncommon) and Yeti (common). The different kinds of Yetis are of the same strength, but have different drop rates. Click on a “Yeti” to enter battle. Defeating a real Yeti will earn 1 point and give you a chance to obtain treasures, defeating a player will earn 3 points. Killing players will not win you any treasures."

Run Sackboy! Run! (2015):

Free Realms (2009):

A yeticorn mask is available for purchase for your character to wear.  Fetching.

Team Fortress 2 (2007):

Some creative person or person(s) dreamed this up for the Heavy and you can download it.

The Respawnables (2012):

You can disguise yourself as a yeti in this fps game.


From gameplay video

Mafia Wars (2008):

And it's purchasable in this popular social network game.

Arcane Legends (2012):

"Vanity" is the term for when you can disguise your playable character as something new and it doesn't actually affect the gameplay in anyway. Personally, when it's a yeti vanity, I think they should call it "Valiancy".

Take this example of valiancy in this fantasy game:



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