Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mysteries for You to Solve



Mystery 001:

According to this instagrammer, you can get your photo taken with this yeti-costumed fellow. Anyone know where and why?

Mystery 002:

Anyone know more about this Polar Explorer Toy, like its name or when it was released?

Mystery 003:


Is this from a particular game?

Mystery 004:

Can anyone provide more detail? Is it a window display? Why does the Yeti wear a tie?

Mystery 005:

This costumed fellow was included as background in this science video about Bigfoot. Anybody know where it's originally from?

Mystery 006:

Where the heck is this giant statue with a slide coming out of its heart?  I know this is probably meant to be King Kong, but can that be confirmed?


Check out # 3 from the 8/8/14 Mysteries for You to Solve. Update: Yo, I SOLVED it.

This is from the 1966 Ramblers Carnival Club, one of many that participate in the Bridgwater Carnival, a West Country Carnival.

Here are additional Unsolved, Mysterious, Unexplained, and Unknown Things We Do Not Know Anything About:

1) The Mystery of the Plush Almost Acquired By Father
 2) The Mystery of the Vintage Plush Owned Since Youth With No Tag Or Markings ("did mom cut off????")
3) The Mystery of the Drawing of the Steampunk Cyborg And the true object(s) of my obsessions...
 4) The Mystery of the Yeti Pet Plushes (second photo)

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Anonymous said...

Mystery 005: Pelican Coolers

Henry said...

Thanks, Anonymous!