Friday, October 23, 2015

[Disguise Week] Yetis in Disguise

As I have attempted to illustrate ad nauseum, humans are often disguised as yetis. And they are heroes. By any definition of the word.

But what about yetis disguised as humans?  It happens, it's real, and it is going to be discussed in this very blog post startiiing.... now.

It goes both ways. (Source)

The best example of this is in the Feb 1973 comic Secrets of Sinister House 9:

"Donovan is looking for "The Abominable Snowman" in the Himalayas when he suddenly comes upon a group of them and passes out. He comes to and finds that he has been saved by members of the tribe of Shenson, who assure him that the Yeti are only a myth. Donovan goes nuts and kidnaps a Shenson woman, leaving her out in the snow as bait for a Yeti. When she disappears, he sees the Yeti coming towards them and falls off a cliff. Later, another group of explorers meet the Shenson but decide to abandon the search for the Yeti when they are shown Donald's body encased in a block of ice. Little did they know that the Shenson are the Yeti, simple wearing human costumes to fool the unwary." (Source)

Other examples include Etsy artist Andy Hamilton's series of yetis disguised as popular culture humans:

And from Woozworld (2010), there are a bunch of yetis in disguise:

And finally, here's a great disguise for a yeti - a viking soccer player:

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