Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mysteries for You to Solve

It's time for you to comment below if you know the solution to these mysteries!

Mystery 001:

Is this fellow actually a "TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain ape man"? Because I can't find any record of him. So who is this guy? What's his name?

Mystery 002:

 What video game is this from? Anybody know? DO tell.  (Source)

Mystery 003:

OK, so is this a still from a cartoon?  Name it if if ya know! (Source)

Mystery 004:

This painting is up on a wall somewhere in the world. Where? Who made it? What's the story behind the musician drinking buddy of the Yeti?   (Source)

Update! Reader YetiSuiteMammoth commented below with the solution: One can see this painting at Sherpa and Yeti's, a bar and music venue in Breckenridge, Colorado!

Mystery 005:

Finally... what the..!?!  Is this from a Saturday morning cartoon?  Which one? (Source 1 | Source 2)


Anonymous said...

(1) This first photograph is actually of two figurines. One whose name is "Limey Ape Man" and the other is "Lumpy Mop Face," his wife.
(2) This is from Super Mario Bros. 3.
(3) This is still a baby picture of you.
(4) This was taken in Bill Gates' magic house, where he has magic walls that make paintings of your dreams when you touch it. The three men in the photo are the founders of Google, Pizza Hut, and Instagram.
(5) This is from a Care Bears reunion, broadcast in 2005.

Henry said...

Thank you!

Savvy said...

I need some of whatever that guy was on!

YetiSuiteMammoth said...

Mystery 4
Sherpa and Yeti's!
A bar in Breckenridge Colorado!

Henry said...

Right on, YetiSuiteMammoth! I have updated the post with your solution. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

(1) 100% not a ninja turtle action figure, not sure what it is but I can tell you without a doubt that its not TMNT. I'm a legit fan of the 80's toys and show and the newer figures have different articulation

Henry said...

Ok, thanks, Anonymous. Good to know.