Friday, August 8, 2014

Mysteries for You to Solve



Mystery 001:

Where is this character from?  Who drew it? Who is "Ger Erg?"?

Mystery 002:

Someone please explain this. Yeti selling a drink?

Mystery 003: 

I need to know the back story behind this photo.  An "Homage to the Abominable Snowman"?   What year did this happen?

Mystery 004: 

From a TV show? That takes place in a submarine or spaceship?

Mystery 005: 


OK, what sitcom?  I thought it might be from Family Ties but it doesn't look like the same suit.

Mystery 006: 

What comic is this from?

Here are additional Unsolved, Mysterious, Unexplained, and Unknown Things We Do Not Know Anything About:

1) The Mystery of the Plush Almost Acquired By Father
 2) The Mystery of the Vintage Plush Owned Since Youth With No Tag Or Markings ("did mom cut off????")
3) The Mystery of the Drawing of the Steampunk Cyborg And the true object(s) of my obsessions...
 4) The Mystery of the Yeti Pet Plushes (second photo)

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