Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Comic: The Snow Men (1975)

Here's a recent find I'm proud of...

"The Snow Men", a story from Midnight Tales #12 (January 1975), by author Nick Cuti and artist Don Newton. 

You can read the pages at Diversions of the Groovy Kind.

So climbers in the Himalayas are attacked by yetis (natch).  A Tale as Old as Time.

The yetis say GARRRR. Note to self: Please add "GARRRR" to the Everything Yeti Has Ever Said page.

The climbers shoot at them but one of them grabs their one lady climber and gets away with her (natch). A Tale Even Older Than Time.

She is brought by the yeti to this weird fat guy's palace. Turns out the yetis, which he calls his pets, rescued him and set him up as their ruler, and they do things like fetch slave girls from climbing parties for him.  Um, not natch. It's just weird.  This is no longer a tale that has much age to it.  Or maybe this is like such an ancient tale it's like an Ur-Myth that was like born of the primordial thought-form-space that coalesced the universe. But I digress.

At the end, the lady climber's buds track the yeti to the palace and figure out that they can create a diversion and lure the yetis away so they can rescue her. They trick the yetis by making actual snow men of themselves.

I like it: Using snow men to fight snowmen.

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