Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mysteries for You to Solve


Mystery 001:

I've heard this yeti (behind the soldiers) is a toy one can get at a 99 cents store. Can anyone confirm?

Mystery 002:


Where can one get this shirt? Such a happy, rosy-cheeked fella.

Mystery 003:

What is this film? It's called: マイフレンド・イエティ(吹) [VHS] which means"My Friend Yeti (blowing)".  Huh?  Tell me more.

Mystery 004:

What TV show is this scene from?  Is it Spanish?

Mystery 005:
 Name the Japanese video game.

Mystery Solved:

  Mystery 005 from the previous Mysteries for You to Solve post has been solved.  The masks by Quicksilver are available to purchase in Europe.

Here are additional Unsolved, Mysterious, Unexplained, and Unknown Things We Do Not Know Anything About:

1) The Mystery of the Plush Almost Acquired By Father
 2) The Mystery of the Vintage Plush Owned Since Youth With No Tag Or Markings ("did mom cut off????")
3) The Mystery of the Drawing of the Steampunk Cyborg And the true object(s) of my obsessions...
 4) The Mystery of the Yeti Pet Plushes (second photo)

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JayJayFool said...

mystery 003 is on Amazon.co.jp translated via Google: (spray) not (blowing) Also it says this at the bottom of the page. Review: In the Himalayas, climbing party was attacked by a yeti 'Yeti'. And heard it, and succeeded in capturing the 'Yeti' zoologist Tim headed to the local. It is thus brought back to home ... he.
- contents ("VIDEO INSIDER JAPAN" database)

Henry said...

Thanks, JayJayFool. Interesting. I still find it very mysterious....