Friday, October 30, 2015

[Heroween] Not Yeti Halloween Friday - Trick-or-Treat Grab Bag

TRICK! A vintage sheep costume made me think it was a baby yeti for a second.

TREAT! A Zombie Sloth


TRICK! Batman disguised as Godzilla. 


TREAT!  Mummy Man from Ultraman is very ape-like.

TRICK! Hairy Scary, uncle to Casper the Friendly Ghost, who is like the yeti of ghosts.

TREAT! These guys...

Gris Grimly

TRICK! Curse you, HUUUUULLKKKK!! I almost thought for a second...

By Alexander Lozano

TREAT! This riding golem...

Francisco Badilla

TRICK! Batman disguised as gorilla. 

TREAT! Honky Kong from Black Dynamite

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