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2011 Guide to Getting Gifts

Holidays is for the Yetis
Why not stop what you're doing, examine the needs of your loved ones, and, using the handy guide I've provided below, determine which of the available yeti-related items would meet expectation(s) for offering(s) (wholly given without recompense) during this annual celebratory period?

By crithon

So let me begin with the yuletide guiding!

Park Starz! Vinylmation Yeti

Right now, the most coveted item for any abominable snowfan is the Park Starz! Vinylmation yeti (previously blogged about here).

Currently, you either need to go to Disney Land in person and just happen to purchase the right one (for you see, one cannot tell until the package is opened), or you win the bid after ordering it from someone on the Internet.

Good luck!


Nate Wragg's Frostbite

At least in theory, one can obtain a limited edition signed print and toy from Nate Wragg's solo exhibition at Gallery Nucleus (previously blogged about here).

At $60, it's a steal. You'll have to contact the gallery to check availability, so no guarantees.


Saks Fifth Avenue Yeti

Less difficult to acquire is the holiday set of plush yeti and picture book (previously blogged about here) available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The whole package definitely makes for a nice, well-rounded (pun not intended) present.

I'm really curious about that book. Who does make the snow?


Target Boxer Shorts

You cannot go too far wrong with a pack of three boxer shorts from Target for only $15, especially when one of them is this one pictured here (scooped originally by Spookyville USA).

Lots of yetis all over your underthings! What could be better?


Swiedebie Ear-Studs

These Kawaii Ear-Studs by Swiedebie (site|blog|etsy) are fashionable to the very limit.

Two are available: Running Pety Yeti and Frowning Pety Yeti with Moustache


Toddler Converter

On the market, one can find a pattern of blue horned yeti w/ stave on this hooded cold-weather outfit (called a "converter", apparently).

Winter Fleece Converter available in 3 Month, 6 Month or 12 Month


Scarf Made By My Sweetie

My wife is making one hundred (100) scarves (check out her: etsy shop|blog - they're currently ON SALE NOW).

For #55 in her series, she chose to make a yeti scarf in honor of, well, me.


You can own this scarf for your very self.

In fact, I suggest it.

Small Representational Models

Abbey Bominable Dolls

This is actually the first holiday season one can get Abbey Bominable, the Monster High doll. Lovers of hip, cartoony-goth fashion dolls are excited.

Doll (See also spooktacular swimsuit edition)


I blogged about it originally back in August when it debuted, and I even showed off some cosplay it has already inspired. The character is so popular that I fully intend to periodically check in and report on Abbey Bominable fandom on this blog. My opinion is that it may be a significant yeti-related pop cultural phenomenon for years to come.


Bumble Dolls

It goes without questioning that Bumble, the yeti from the Rudolph special, is a permanent fixture in the popular culture. A bedrock. It seems there are new toys coming out with his likeness each year, and 2011 is no exception.

Like this Vinyl...

Or this Plush...

How interesting that they've begun to change Bumble's very shape and style, making him more abstract and cutesy (for lack of better terms). You really only see toymakers doing this to the characters from the big landmark things like Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. Bumble is just so iconic now; he gets the cutesy (chibi) treatment.


Stitches and Glue Custom Plush

Want a one-and-only for your one-and-only? Paul Vincett at Stitches and Glue will custom-make you a yeti to your exacting specifications.

Maybe you'd like to bring another yeticorn into this world?


G.I. Joe Yeti Action Figure

Perhaps your family would enjoy reenacting this year's stop-motion Beastie Boys video? I know mine would.

As you'll recall, the yeti from G.I. Joe helped the Boys fight zombies. Or was it ninjas? I need to rewatch it.

(Hey cool, you can actually buy the figures of the Beastie Boys themselves from their shop. They're quite expensive, but it benefits charity, so whatcha whatcha want?)


Vuduberi Baby Yeti

Who can forget last year's top holiday pick, the Vuduberi Baby Yeti plush? Not this Writer of this Guide!

It's still available. And still adorable. Goes well with toddlers.

Reading Material

Are there any books worthy of note-worthiness which are not exclusively about the abominable snowman, but have at least one yeti somewhere in them?


Papertoy Monsters: Make Your Very Own Amazing Papertoys! by Brian Castleforte (blogged about here):


B.P.R.D. Vol 11, Black Goddess, a comic for which I endorse the purchasing of. It didn't come out this year, but I read it this year, so it counts. The artist, Guy Davis, makes a mean yeti. I met him at a comic convention and he was rad. Buy all his stuff.


Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King, by Laura Geringer and William Joyce (blogged about here):


Sad Monsters: Growling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside by Frank Lesser (blogged about here):


Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010 by Michael Kupperman (haven't actually seen this yet, but looking forward to it - note: Mark Twain fights a yeti in it!):


Simply because I admire these independent comic creators for choosing to feature yeti so prominently, I must give a nod to the following -

Teddy and the Yeti:

Wynonna Earp: Yeti Wars:

Miscellaneous Items of Note

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Although I haven't played it myself, it seems likely a video game and action-adventure fan would enjoy Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the PlayStation 3.

The third in the series was just released, but it's Among Thieves,the second game, that features yetis, and by getting it now, years after its release, you'll probably receive a gigantic discount.


Littletoad's Cryptozoology Calendar

As a reader of "I Love the Yeti", you are entitled to a 10% discount off of a 2012 Cryptozoology calendar by Michelle Littler which includes an illustration of her yeti! Just use BLOG2011 as your coupon code when checking out.

Michelle's yetis are no stranger to this blog.


Jingle Bell Anklet/Wristlet By My Sweetie

Also by my spouse of love are Jingle Feet!

Available for ownership here, a pair for $15.

Put these on the ankles and/or wrists of children, and they will dance about and make merriness conducive to the seasonal atmosphere.

Come on, get yer Jingle Feet!

...if for no other reason than to say the words Jingle Feet!

"Not Yeti" gifts

Sometimes something's not a yeti but it's similar and you just think, "Gee, why not include it in this year's Guide to Getting Gifts?"

Voila! The results of such thinking...


Adipose Stress Toy

The Adipose (wikipedia) is an evil alien made of fat from Doctor Who. It is available as a stress toy for $20 purchase.

I kind of want one, so I can hug him and squeeze him and call him "Yeti".


Bigsby Plush and Storybook

This fellow Bigsby is not yeti, but I'm intrigued by him (Originally scooped by Spookyville USA).

He comes with a book about his adventures and he apparently talks to you as you read it aloud. I hope they put out a white-furred, Himalayan version.


Weird Robot I Spotted While I Was Putting This Post Together

I don't know where this new robot toy is from.

And I think you can only get it in Japan and it's sold out, but you can pretend that you bought it as gift to yourself.

That's right: treat yourself this season imaginary little robots. The best kind.

But not the kind that transforms. Those are lame.

Finally, if you are truly desperate for even more yeti gift ideas, you can always dig through the archive of Purchasing Guides of Yesteryear:

- 2010
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- 2007 part 1 and part 2
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May the Dispensation of Your Chosen Objects Be To the Benefit of Both Giver and Recipient, Y'all!

Yeti by April Henderlong

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