Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yeti Eats Skiers (Yeti Arcade: SkiFree)

A very famous yeti of the electronic gaming world is the one from the 1991 computer game SkiFree. The object is to play a skier endlessly skiing down a slope, avoiding obstacles as they arise.

All is not as endless as it appears, however!

From Wikipedia:
"Once the player has completed his or her run, the game does not abruptly end. Rather, the player continues skiing until he or she encounters an 'abominable snow monster' who chases and attempts to eat the skier. From that point on, the player can ski until the monster catches and eats them."
The Eater of Skiers looks like this:

The sight of this yeti has struck fear in many a player's hearts.

So much so that a lot of fan art has been generated:

With twenty years under its belt, the SkiFree yeti has definitely made its mark! I mean, this is one of the main reasons yeti is so strongly associated with skiing nowadays!

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Anders Hansen said...

Haha, I definitely remember this game.