Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Time to Get Gifts for People!

I call myself a yeti lover and yet I don't even have the following in my possession.

For all I know, the yeti lover in your own life may be missing these essentials as well.

Take heed! Tragic circumstances can be rectified.

Yeti as a cuddly stuffed animal

Yeti as an even cuddlier stuffed animal

Yeti as inexplicably transmutated into a CAR?!

And no, I don't even have the greatest figurine ever made of yeti:


fatrobot said...

i hate every astronaut scientist who doesn't name planets, stars, galaxies etc after the yeti
they call them really stupid things like 84565n .. call it Alpha Yeti 6!!!
its the least they can do
i hate them and everyone in space

Henry said...

Yeti, the hero of 1,000 stories, is in every culture and in every world. Sometimes yeti even has wings and isn't possessed with hands. What I'm saying is that yeti is such a crucial quotient to what I call the 'universe', and that it is not only ungrateful but FOOL-HARDY for the astronauts not to name each and every one of every thing after, or at least including, the yeti, as well as its cousins with the same name, in some fashion that encourages or at least partially glorifies but not contradicts yeti. I am with you 999 percent, fatrobot, and I hope that you are running for public office and that I remember to get out there and vote. We the people need more of your oils. Space people are so out-of-this-world crazy and dumb.

Paul said...

there are even BETTER yeti toys on etsy. i particularly sugguest this one.