Thursday, December 22, 2011

Abominable Salesmen

Recent headline: "Bing Hitches Holiday Hopes to Rudolph the Reindeer"

Yep, Microsoft Corp. has licensed the rights to Bumble and the other characters to sell you their search engine this holiday season.

A couple of screenshots from the commercials:

But other companies have employed the Abominable Salesman too. Here's a few examples (click the links to watch 'em):

Pizza Delight

TBWA Hong Kong: Xmas

Skoda Yeti: First Christmas with Yeti

Mystery One made by these people Comment if you've seen it!

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gb Designs said...

Greetings, You asked so here's your answer. I built the Yeti and the Penguin in this commercial which never aired. You can see part of the final version over here on my portfolio: