Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Magnets by Veronica Fish

There's a yeti in the stop-motion holiday flick
Robbie the Reindeer in Hooves of Fire (2001).

He's a sports announcer for the Reindeer Games, which are literally a set of sporting events for the reindeer (har-har). The character is named Des Yeti and has the look and mannerisms of a well-known British sportscaster of the time, Des Lynam.

Christmas Yeti Ornament by Steve Morrison

Yeti Family Christmas Ornament by Steve Morrison

Christmas Pudding by Louise Forshaw

The Unabominable Snowman by Ryan Friant

On his blog post about it, the illustrator has a nice behind-the-scenes description of his yeti conception:
"When I started to think about what this abominable snowman could look like, initially I thought of older renditions of the character, the old Rankin Bass holiday stop-motion movies, where he's kind of ape-like. I wanted to come up with a slightly different look even if I wasn't going to deviate too far from the color palettes traditionally used for an abominable snowman, so I developed my sketches while looking at pictures of sloths. The snowman eventually ended up with a bit of a teddy bear look to him with a hint of the original sloth concept."

Bing is doing a Magical Holiday Calendar, where you click on different things each day. And they've included a yeti!

Plus, on Tuesday, December 20, they provided instructions on how to make a plush yeti out of a glove!

Thanks, Alex!

And finally...

One last kid dressed up as Bumble for his school's holiday play. Go kid!

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