Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 Wish List Check

Last year, in a special Wish List, I asked Santa to place various yetis on the Internet for me to find.

Now it's time to see how Santa did.  How many of my wishes did he decide to grant?

First, where Santa delivered...

I asked for more yetis at weddings. The Big Jolly Guy did not disappoint:


 Loren Coleman's wedding reception gift


I also asked for plush and action figure versions of the World of Warcaft yeti and here them be:


Thanks, St. Nick!

So let's total it up... Hmm, of the 15 wishes, Mr. Santa Claus only granted 2 of them. Not a great score, but still, many of them we're pretty tough.  I can't really fault him for not, for example, providing a depiction of yeti with an obscure 19th century occult religious figure (H.P. Blavatsky).

However, Santa FAILED big time with the following:

Take a minute and look to find what's missing from this picture?

YUP. NOT YETI.  This should have been an easy one.  The Rise of the Guardians yeti is tailor-made for a toy, plush, or figurine.



What's missing from this picture? 

There's no yeti using it!  Yeti rhymes with neti (pot).  No brainer. 

Santa, you know I love you.  I appreciate all you do, but I'm hoping you will do better this upcoming year with my wishes.


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