Monday, December 2, 2013

Gifting Guide 2013

Time to get out there and go fishin' for yeti gifts. I'm sure the yeti lover in your family would appreciate what the French call 'exquisite thoughtfulness'.  

Yooki the Drifting Yeti,” designed by Dolly Oblong for the Sneaky Snow Ball at Kidrobot London.
Here are some good catches this year:

 Regular Show Funko figure
Monsters Inc. plush

PvZ Yeti plush
Lego Collectible Figure 



Jeff McMillan's flip-flops

PvZ Yeti Watch

This classic Tee is still available.
You can see Jack Black wearing it recently while performing with the Lonely Island guys.


Spaghetti with the Yeti picture book

Yeti, Turn Out the Light! picture book
The Abominables chapter book


Dr. Zaius Funko toy

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery game
Miss Monster Plush

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