Friday, December 20, 2013

Not Yeti Friday: Gloso (plus Daeodons)

There was a Fortean Times article about the Gloso, which is a scary demon pig from Swedish folklore.

This is a classic example of what TVTropes calls "Full Boar Action".

"From the folklore of Southern Sweden, we get the gloso ("glaring sow"), a ghost pig that runs on lonely country roads after dark. It tries to kill people using its literal razorback, running between your legs to split you in twain. It seems to not be the ghost of a pig, but a ghost which takes a pig's shape."

Apparently, actual giant evil pigs existed once.  They were called Daeodons, and they TERRORIZED North America 25 to 17 million years ago.




Savvy said...

It's Beast Ganon! (Aside from loving Yeto and Yeta, I just love all things Zelda in general) :)

Gabriel Nieto said...
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Henry said...

My source: Article about Gloso by Karl Shuker