Friday, September 30, 2016

Not Yeti Friday - Everything I Haven't Seen

You guys, there are some Not Yetis out there that I have NOT seen. They're just absent.  Non-existent.

Stop being so elusive!

There has been an unacceptable lack of their presence in our reality.  It. Will. Not. Stand. 

Here's a rundown of these letdowns :

Ant-eater headed people 

- where are they?

Only one example to be found?! I DEMAND MORE!

Blavatsky vs. Rasputin 

- no one's put these two crazy Russian mystics up against each other.

Bring it on!

The Martian Easter Bunny

- what would one look like?

SURELY the Martians have one.

This is NOT what I'm talking about

Bigfoot on a Yellow Submarine Bike!

- oh wait, here it is:

What Not Yeti have you Not seen?  Comment below and vent your frustrations.

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