Monday, September 19, 2016

[Meanie Monday] Black Adam vs. Yeti

The film about the DC superhero Shazam is in the works and features the villain Black Adam, to be played by Dwayne Johnson, whose birthday it is today.  Happy birthday, The Actor Formerly Known as The Rock! 

Here is my favorite Shazam panel btw:

And this is a close second:

Anyway, back to the birthday boy's bad boy role - did you know that Black Adam has TWICE defeated yetis?

Black Adam

Crazy. What's with the guy?

The first time was an actual superhero yeti named the Yeti from the Great Ten:

Oh man, he headlocked him to death.

And the second time is actually during his back story:

From Black Adam: The Dark Age Vol 1 2:  
Back in the Himalayas, Black Adam places Isis' remains in his satchel and begins the long trek down the mountainside. A Yeti emerges and attacks him, forcing Black Adam to drop his pack. Using his knife, Adam slices open the Yeti's stomach and grabs a hold of his intestines. He uses the beast's innards to rappel down the slope of the mountain to retrieve Isis' bones. Once he reaches the lower ledge, he severs his intestinal bungee cord and continues on his way. Source

See the whole fight here.


Defeating the snow beast was defining, formative moment for Black Adam.

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