Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Now I've Seen Everything: Doom Patrol vs. Yeti

From the comic Doom Patrol, # 121 (December 1967)

Several surprises here...

First of all, it's 1967 and the yeti has horns.  This may be the first known recorded instance of a yeti depicted with horns.

And this may also be the first recorded instance of someone making the "Abdominal Snowman" joke.

Third of all, the yeti says "ARQQRRGH!"

Yep, with 2 Q's.

Then he says "UNGAAAAAAAA!"

And finally and most importantly, the yeti attack is interrupted by Beast Boy who gives him a pin depicting Mad Magazine mascot Alfred E. Neuman.  He convinces the yeti that this is a mirror and he's looking at himself.

The yeti thinks he looks like Alfred E. Neuman.


Now I've Seen Everything: Doom Patrol vs. Yeti. and all that entails.

Note to self: Add "ARQQRRGH!", "UNGAAAAAAAA!", and "UNGA-UNGA-UNGA-UNGA!" to Everything Yeti Has Ever Said page, and then let's just close that thing down. We're done.

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