Sunday, September 18, 2016

Jodorowsky's Yeti

Today's a big day in Chile  - the day the people declared independence from Spain in 1810.

Let's honor a famous Chilean  - Alejandro Jodorowsky - he of the never-produced Dune film among many other things.

Of relevancy to this blog, he wrote a comic series, with art by Georges Bess, called White Lama - a story set in 19th C. Tibet.

A yeti plays a prominent role:

Besides the lack of a nose and a more gray-alien look, this yeti depiction is also notable for his long "heavy metal" haircut - appropriate for the time it was published (late 80's originally) and, no doubt, to the readership's aesthetic sensibilities.

This is also an example of The Reluctant Monster trope, and the above pic should look pretty familiar:

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