Friday, August 19, 2016

She Loves Me Not Yeti Friday - Various Villains & Valentines

Monster & abductee from classic film The Perils of Pauline


Danish explorer Peter Freuchen and wife Dagmar Gale via Superpunch

Aimee Semple McPherson, who spent her entire life trying to keep Darwinian ideas out of the public schools, can be seen here battling the gorilla of evolution in an illustrated sermon.

The Mighty Peking Man, aka Goliathon, aka King of the Orangutans, a film from 1977, is about a giant ape-man from the Himalayas but it's not Yeti. It's the Peking Man.

Apparently, Peking Man raised a human daughter named Samantha, and she's a lady Tarzan.


Sensation Comics #107 (1952): "Queen of the Snows!"

Adventures into the Unknown #40 (Feb. '53): "Heart of the Snow Maiden"

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