Thursday, August 11, 2016

[Destination: Japan] Mountain Day

Today is the very first Mountain Day in Japan! Happy Mountain Day.  The amendment creating it was only passed in 2014 and is intended “to give opportunities to get close to mountains and to appreciate the benefits of mountains.”

The greatest entity that has ever been associated with mountains is, of course, the yeti. And mountains benefit yetis, and yetis are also worthy of appreciation.

Here's other yeti appreciation that can be found in Japan:

First off, be sure to go to the Trick Art Museum at the foot of Mt. Takao west of Tokyo and stand in the gaping maw (and in gaping awe) of this sculpture:

Then take in all these great depictions all over the place:

Yukiotoko! From fantastic gallery from GeGeGe no Kitaro



From the anime Aikatsu!


Cartoon: Yokai Watch, Season 1, Episode 64


And last but not least, one can get a yeti crab backpack in Japan! HOLY WOW.

You can buy it from Japanese retailer Felissimo! *

* Felissimo is putting funds from each purchase towards coastal clean-ups, coral reef conservation activities, and the donation of teaching materials to marine schools. Each item in the range retails for 2,156 yen on Felissimo’s online Japanese store or US$19.56 on their international webstore. Be aware, though, that the series is actually sold as a set with a different item being sent out every month for four months. Source

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