Tuesday, August 2, 2016

[Mammal Week] Yeti Arcade: Mammal Roundup

Glass of milk... Standing in between extinction in the cold and explosive radiating growth...

Pigs vs. Yeti

Got two games featuring pigs vs. yeti for you, for some reason...

> Frozen Tales (2015):

Looks like a regular yeti game, right?


"In the animal world, the fight between piggies and yetis has been around for a while, your mission in this intuitive arcade, is to move away the snowballs to prevent the yeti from killing the adorable baby pigs that one day will fight the yetis for you."

> Yeti and Pigs (2014):

Yeti and Pigs is an exciting and dynamic game in which you have to defend helpless piglets against the invasion of yetis. This action game takes place in a snowy forest, whose territory is divided into two parts: a village with pigs occupies one half and a camp of yetis is on the other side. Your goal will be to defend against swift raids of savages by throwing snowballs fast and accurately. Good luck!

Mice vs. Yeti

Winter Camp (1992) for the Amiga and C64.

Monkeys vs. Yeti

Monkey Quest (2011)


Pugs vs. Yeti

Dr. Bones (2014)

Corgis vs. Yeti

Corgi Warlock (2015)

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