Monday, May 25, 2015

Ol' Red Eyes is Back! (Throwback: Harold the Matterhorn Yeti)

Earlier this year it was announced that Harold, the Matterhorn yeti, was going to get a whole new look as part of the 60th anniversary celebration refurbishment of the Disneyland park. This image was teased:
And last week, his transformation was unleashed into the world, and this footage surfaced:

So here's what Harold looked like before his new look:

And here's what he looked like without fur (NAKED!):

 Here's his face close-up:

And here is in all his animatronic moving glory:

And now let's pair him back with his new refurbished self and see how he compares (Source):

Welcome to the 21st Century, Harold!  What do you think?   Is it just me, or did they make him look older?

Just FYI, here's all my other posts about him:

Harold premiered in 1978 as part of the ride's first refurbishment. Here are some promotional materials letting folks know that their innocent toboggan ride on the Swiss Alps now had a MONSTER lurking inside (Source: Raiders of the Lost Tumblr):

And finally, here's some more fan art for Harold:



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